10 Products from Shopee for a Clean and Minimalist Home

By Admin , Nov 30, 2021
10 Products from Shopee for a Clean and Minimalist Home

Our houses may become cluttered and overwhelmed over time. An atmosphere that was once relaxing and pleasant might become claustrophobic due to a build-up of clutter and things you can't bear to part with. That’s because our houses are brimming with mementos and daily things that we've collected throughout time.

It's no surprise that minimalist rooms with clean lines and bare walls are trending on Instagram and Pinterest as more people choose for a simpler lifestyle. If you’re looking to go for the clean and minimalist look, here are 10 products from Shopee that can help you achieve that!

1. Vintage Pleated Solid Wood Floor Lamp at $205

Statement pieces of lighting can help to amplify and accentuate the character of your home. The unique structure of the body of this Vintage Pleated Wood Floor Lamp adds an ergonomic yet modernised character to the home. It could blend perfectly into the surroundings of the rooms of your home while carrying its own weight as a statement piece. 

The pleated white cone amplifies light from the bulb of the lamp, allowing it to cast a soft glow around it, perfect for setting the mood for a cozy night in. What really draws the eye is the curved body of the lamp. The simple and unique curve of the crescent body allows the lamp to overhang a couch, making it suitable to provide ample light for night reading, and furthermore allows it to fit into nooks and corners of the room.

2. Wooden Full-Length Dressing Mirror at $129.90

This versatile piece creates an elegant touch to your home that and can be strategically placed in several areas around your home. At the doorway, this would come in handy for you to do the last check on your outfit of the day and fix your hair just before leaving home. 

In bedrooms or dressing rooms, this full mirror is at the perfect height to assist you in checking for details of your fit. Its wooden outer structure brings a soft touch to its surroundings, making it a visual fit amongst the furniture around it. It refreshes the house with its casual and natural design and has a sturdy support mechanism at the back to allow it to stand on the floor without having to be hung or drilled into a wall.

3. Rattan Shoe Cabinet at $790.55

This piece of furniture certainly gives off a warm vintage look with its rustic pale brown shade. Placing it within the house at the doorway is an ideal and convenient spot for storing shoes, and would additionally contribute to a visually warm and welcoming look every time you enter your home. 

Furthermore, its clean-cut edges with rounded corners help to create a minimalist look with a soft touch. The rattan material allows for ventilation that will help to keep the inside of the cabinet aired and prevent mould and odour from developing in your footwear.

4. Rattan Storage Boxes at $45.43

Again, made of rattan material, these boxes are versatile and designed to suit your many storage needs. They come in many widths, depths, and shapes, and will be nifty solutions to help you keep your home clutter-free. While they have an array of sizes, they still fall within the standard measurements of cubby holes in most common cabinets and shelves. These storage trays certainly excel in their dual functions of keeping your homes organised and aesthetic. Furthermore, rattan is a material that can be washed without spoiling it, and thus it can be easily cleaned during your occasional deep cleaning sessions.

5. Wall-Mounted Photo Frames Rimmed with Gold or Black at $13

If your house’s aesthetic shifts away from the vintage or boho vibe that wooden furniture contributes to so much and instead borrows from clean-cut lines and monochromatic colours, you could consider these photo frames for your wall decoratives. These photo frames rimmed with a variety of solid colours certainly elevate the elegance of pictures that you put within. Conveniently, they come with a variety of specific dimensions that correspond to common photo sizes, and you will be able to combine different colours and sizes to decorate your home!

6. ‘Unbreakable’ Nordic Minimalist Styled Vases for Flowers $2.84

Who doesn’t love a cheap and good deal? And one that is long-lasting is even better. These supposedly unbreakable vases are beautiful in appearance thanks to its ceramic-looking material. The truth is, they are made of plastic. Therefore, these vases are easy to clean, lightweight, and suited for display on shelves that cannot bear the weight of actual ceramic. These decorative vases certainly add a pleasant touch to the surroundings of your home, allowing you to display little bunches of fresh blooms or preserved floral arrangements.

7. Foldable Linen Wardrobe Clothes Storage Organizer Divider at $6.90

Oftentimes, we avoid built-in dividers in our wardrobes which would infringe on our capacity to make needed adjustments as time goes past. However, equally as often, our wardrobes spiral into messes without clear separations if not kept and organized for a period of time. These linen boxes help to maintain these partitions, giving you flexible ease for decision making on how you want to arrange, rearrange and adjust your drawers. Furthermore, being foldable, these can be kept and tucked away without taking up much space for use in the future.

8. Scandinavian Style Desktop Bookshelf Rack at $14.88

Storage space, more storage space, what’s not to love? These clean wooden shelves add vertical space to your desk, affording you more valuable surface area to keep your books, papers, and trinkets organized on your study table or work desk. This bookshelf comes with little built-in drawers that allow you to store a variety of small items that can appear as visual clutter on your desk and hide them away from sight, certainly a useful and nifty trick!

9. Solid Wood Tripod Multi-Layer Corner Bookshelf at $87.50

Ever wracked your brains trying to think what to do with dead spaces of corners in your home? This bookshelf is ingeniously designed to fit perfectly by being backed into wall corners. This multi-layered design allows you to alternate between putting decorations and books, and gives you added storage space. What better way to use corners for?

10. Small Makeup Dressing Table with Storage Drawers at $35.70

This makeup table comes with its own built-in drawer with a large capacity for you to store your skincare products in, and even has elevated platforms for you to separate the products you are using. It comes with a curved-in center, for you to lean into the mirror for a better view as you do your daily cleansing or makeup routine. It is a compact table that could fit snugly into corners in your room and comes with a variety of colours for you to choose to match the aesthetic of your room.

Achieving a clean and minimalist home is easy

From Tupperware and kitchen gadgets to pictures and childrens' toys, the items in our homes have a strong influence on how we live and have a tendency to take over. But with these 10 items you could simply get online, achieving a clean and minimalist home is easy!

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