4-room resale flats under $65,000

July 25th 2022

4-room resale flats under $65,000

An expensive-looking house doesn’t actually have to be expensive. With talented designers and an eye for details, one can turn any flat into a fresh and modern-looking home. 

Resale flats tend to have a heftier price tag on them as compared to BTO rooms but if you look carefully and keep an eye out for the good interior design firms, you can secure a decently-priced resale flat that looks absolutely stunning.   

Here, we have 2 resale flats that required less than $65,000 for renovation in Singapore. But, if you were to look at them independently, you would think that they would’ve sold for much higher!

The Contemporary & Industrial – Bedok North

The living room of this home is decked out in dark hues of grey and dark wooden accents, giving it an intimate and industrial feeling.

The walls are designed to look like those concrete warehouses and the wall-mounted light fixtures also accentuate the industrial / warehouse concept. 

The dining area has a simple set-up that draws inspiration from industrial-themed cafes and can promote productivity and focus. 

Though side-by-side, the kitchen and dining area have a different mood because of the amount of light streaming in. The open windows in the kitchen ensure that there is sufficient light while you’re cooking.

The kitchen layout in this home is rather unique as the stove top is situated next to the windows. This is likely to allow as much smoke to diffuse out of the kitchen as possible so that your home won’t become stuffy after cooking.

Just like the rest of the house, the bedroom emphasises on the dark wooden details and plaster walls. The simplicity of the bedroom is a nice touch as it creates a calming environment perfect for rest.

Clean & Pristine – Balam Gardens This resale HDB flat has a very pristine look because of the emphasis on white throughout the home. The entire backdrop of the living room is white, which provides a nice canvas for the monochrome furniture and splashes of colour coming from the décor.

The dining area is entirely black and white, which adds a sense of classiness and sophistication.

The kitchen also features white cabinets with a black countertop so as to prevent staining when cooking. The walls also have a elegant marbled look. 

We also see marbled walls in the bathroom, making it look elegant. You’ll find that marble is a great choice for making your home look more lavish.

Last but not least, we see the bedroom which is almost entirely white, apart from the blackout curtains and décor. This is reminiscent of a clean and comfortable space which is perfect for falling asleep.

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