8 Bedroom Designs For Your 4-Room BTO Flats

By Admin , Sep 24, 2021
8 Bedroom Designs For Your 4-Room BTO Flats

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Applying for a Build-To-Order (BTO) flat has become a top priority for many couples that have reached their twenties. Although there are plenty of flats launched every year, the truth remains that the demand is overwhelming while the supply is limited. This reason consequentially causes flat sizes to gradually shrink over time in order to keep up with the demand. In spite of the shrinking size of a BTO flat, new homeowners have started to adapt in many ways. Some opt to buy 4-room BTO flat for more space, while others think of innovative ways to maximize the spaces available.

The bedroom is no exception to the rule when it comes to space maximization. It’s where at least a third of everyone’s day is spent, and where homebodies love to be. The many inspirations for bedroom designs online have spoiled the market in terms of expectations, but Singapore interior designers have found ways to make small bedrooms look lavish yet cosy at the same time. For those who are in the midst of planning the house of your dreams, here are some bedroom designs for you which are beautiful and spacious. Be it your master bedroom, guest bedroom, or your children’s room, make use of these tips for your designing journey!

# 1: Bed On A Concaved Platform

With limited space in most bedrooms, design can sometimes be heavily compromised. However, why not tweak the area a little with the help of some shapes? You can separate each part of the bedroom with the use of a concave platform. You do not have to see the mess that is outside of your bed area and almost makes it seem like your bed has a room on its own. Call it unconventional coziness if you will. Having such uniquely designed spaces for your bed can give off a futuristic vibe too as if you are in a rocket ship or a capsule.

# 2: Galley Style Bedroom

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For those who aspired to be an air stewardess at any one point in their lives, why not add a galley into your bedroom? This galley will be a unique way to design your bedroom, and you get to choose how you want to utilise the galley space. You can use it as a closet, or even a study space if you are one of those who need one. However, do note that the space of your bed might have to be compromised a little due to the extra panel added to the room. However, in the name of design and beauty, why not give it a try?

# 3: Minimalism At Its Finest

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People who have been heavily influenced by the popular Marie Kondo will love this next tip. The name says it all; having minimal decorations and simple furnishing will add to the look. In a sense, this is the easiest way to design your bedroom, especially if you are not obsessed with the idea of design. To spice up the room and make it look a little more rustic, you can add a textured wall or a wooden platform or frame for the bed.

# 4: Aspiring Fashionista’s Dream

Fashion-obsessed people would have definitely thought of this concept at least once in their life. With a glass door walk-in closet, full-length mirrors, glass cabinets to display your designer bags (or shoes for all you sneakerheads), this bedroom idea is a beautiful dream that any Singapore interior designer can make into reality. Add in a built-in vanity table for the full movie star effect! All you have to do is ensure you plan enough space for all the aspects you wish to include. As long as your room looks as beautiful as you, that is all that matters!

# 5: Floating or Platform Bed

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If you wish for maximum space in your small bedroom, why not try for a floating bed look instead of conventional bedframes? It gives you extra space at the bottom to keep your items, and you do not have to experience stubbing your toes ever! A definite plus point if you ask me. Add in some lights at the bottom of your bed for the illusion of a floating bed and a bigger space. Platform beds work too if you get one that has drawers built into the platform. Depending on the material of the frames, it would vastly change the ambiance of the room. For those space-conscious people, you can even try the rising trend of beds in the walls. You can pull the bed out when you want to, put it back in the wall and use the space for other purposes!

# 6: Studious Concept

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If you have an obsession with study tables or find a need to have one in your bedroom, why not design your room with the table in mind? Those who work at home more can consider building a couch next to the bed for easy access to your workspace. Even if you are not working, these couches are perfect for friends or family to sit on when the germaphobe in you refuses to let them sit on the bed. Even better, have a bedside table that doubles up as a table! You literally just have to wake up and turn to reach your workspace. Add in some holes in the wall for your books and other decorations to complete the look! Use some warm lighting to exude more warmth without making the space too loud.

# 7: Dark and Moody

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Everyone has definitely gone through a moody phase in their life, the only question is if that phase has passed or if it has become a permanent part of your being. If it never left, why not bring this phase to life in your bedroom? You can use dark wood for the floor and wardrobe for a cosier feel or you can use other materials with darker coloured options as well. Unless you are a vampire who despises the sun, adding some blinds to the window can be considered too so that you can customise your level of privacy; blinds down for a sexy time, or up for more sunlight.

# 8: Glamping Themed

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The perfect idea especially for those with children (or even if you are just a kid at heart), try designing your bedroom with the theme of outdoor glamping! Add in some wooden bedframes, furry furnishings, a plant backdrop, the works! Not the typical room setup you would think of for a bedroom, but definitely one that is cosy enough to fall asleep in every night. Add in some fairy lights for the starry night effects, and your children are sure to love their room to bits. With this theme, it is easy to forget you are in the comfort of your own home. Not to forget that such a room would for sure be a crowd-pleaser for any guests that see it.

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