8 Homes That Make You Want to Stay In All-day

By James Frankurt , Jun 07, 2021
8 Homes That Make You Want to Stay In All-day

Staying at home to stay safe in the pandemic is important, but if you are bummed out about Singapore’s new tightened restrictions, fret not. Even if you are prone to being stir-crazy, this article will walk you through 8 homes to make you stay in all day. You might even be able to incorporate some components of these homes into your own to make staying at home much more pleasant.

Artspaze - 863 Woodlands Street 83

artspaze/ dining

Why dine out when you can have the perfect dining in setting in your home? With an industrial meets-luxe style, this design gives the living space the vibrancy of a modern café. Natural granite flooring paired with the solid wood furnishings gives the space a well-grounded look.

artspaze/ kitchen

artspaze/ kitchen

This 5 room resale flat also packs the facilities to have those meals in with its large kitchen space. The bar counter isn’t just great for a round of drinks after a long day of work, but also provides that extra preparation space for you to use.

Carpenters 匠 - 336 Tah Ching Road

carpenters/ vanity room

How about having wardrobe space and a way to show it all off? This boutique-like design brings the thrill of shopping and dressing up right to your home.

carpenters/ wardrobes

With this display cabinetry, the design is not only sophisticated, but gives you an easy way of choosing and picking out the perfect accessory for your outfit. You’re not only going to impress your guests, but this is sure to bring back the joy of dressing up to impress.

ELPIS Interior Design - 258 Jurong East Street

elpis/ bedroom

Let’s not forget the kids in this one. While children may like more playful and exciting designs, you can create a design which is not only stylish, but one which provides space for their imagination. With their individual built-in beds, add their own signature on their personal space while still keeping the overall theme of the home.

elpis/ study area

Learning doesn’t have to be mundane and boring, spice up the study area with this creatively styled bookshelf.

Exqsite Interior Design - 463B Bukit Batok

exqsite/ platform bed

Looking for how to maximize the storage space in your home? Well, you can always create your own with this platform bed design that’ll give you even more options right under your feet. These deep pockets of space are expansive and great to store large and bulky items, like luggage you won’t be able to use for a while longer.

Diva's Interior Design - 51 Strathmore Avenue

diva's/ living room

Although live performances are currently on a break, you can put up your own live performance at home with this dedicated piano space. As the heart of the room, this would be perfect for families who love music and bond together through melodies.

Obbio Concept - 464A Bukit Batok West Ave 8

obbio/ open kitchen

Maximizing the open kitchen concept can brighten up the home, and even adds a layer of sophisticated living to the home. Accentuated by the black on white colour scheme, the space looks crisp and neat which is key to the style of an open kitchen.

obbio/ carpentry

The home even has upgraded the look of a ‘standard’ cupboard space with LED lights spanning the full height of the doors. Elevating this previously unassuming area, the home exudes a coolness which perfectly suits the homeowners.

Ovon Design - 117 Bishan Street 12

ovon/ kitchen

Yet another impressive kitchen area, this home has actually created a wet and dry cooking space with the area inside now being used as a point for entertaining and mingling. Pushing the cooking area outside gives much more floor room to the entry way for a more elegant layout.

ovon/ bathroom

Not forgetting the bathroom, this often-overlooked space has been given a real pampering with its stylish make-over. The choice of large granite tiles is especially flattering given the floor to ceiling style.

SHE Interior - 105B Bidadari Park Drive

SHE/ living room

While WFH has become a way of life in this new normal, who says you can’t do it in style. With such an aesthetic design, you’d be the envy of your colleagues. Plus, within a few steps you can get out of your office space and take a well-deserved rest in front of the TV to unwind.

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