A resale HDB that makes you feel refreshed.

By Editor Rachel , May 18, 2021
A resale HDB that makes you feel refreshed.

When you visualize your dream house, what does it look like? If the first image that comes to your mind represents a neutral and Zen backdrop, you’re going to love this interior design conceived by the creative people at Prestige Design Studio. This Singaporean interior design company transformed a five-room resale HDB at Edgefield Plains from a space parched for design to one where its owners can come home to and feel refreshed.

Take a deep breath, and step into Zen.

This resale HDB has barely any naked walls on display as it is paneled up by cabinets and boards of matte white and walnut brown. From the moment you walk in, you’ll be greeted by an interesting enclave made out of hexagonal mosaic tiles enveloped by wood print laminates.

The mosaic tiles are no ordinary, simple tiles. The Peranakan design gives the foyer a Southeast Asian flavour.

For sufficient lighting, four recessed lights are fixed to the ceiling while under-cabinet lighting is installed on cabinet alcoves.

The foyer opens up to the living room, with the dining area sectioned off - a rather unique layout plan.

To balance the neutrals in the living room, the designers adopt colours seen on the foyer flooring - chic patterns on sofa cushions. Instead of leaving the home looking bland, these colours inject a refreshing vibe to the space.

So just a tip to you readers, if you’re looking to jazz up a plain-looking place, select home accessories that introduce colour and patterns that create a little contrast from the original theme.

The living room design is an amalgamation of Japanese Zen and Scandinavian elements. The ocean cream panels and the wooden touches at the television console are enhanced by texture from the wood paneling.

With clean cuts and clear geometric lines, the sophistication of this space is a great setting to welcome guests.

We love how the designers made full use of natural lighting. The dining table is arranged close to the window, so when light slashes through the blinds, it creates a soft look, like shojis in Japanese homes.

You can see that the theme is consistent. From the flooring, wall panels, recessed and under-cabinet lighting. Achieve cohesiveness through the use of similar colour but with different textures and layers.

Now, this is where the fun starts.

Note that these colours are still neutral, but the base tones and how they are all jumbled together gives this seemingly neutral home an edgy appearance.

Those who are afraid of colour can experiment with a cacophony of neutrals.

After the rooms above, one would imagine how the bathroom would look  - probably brown and white.

The second bathroom carries even more colour as it moves away from neutrals to embrace the pastels.

You may think that the interior design has strayed away from the theme, but no. These colours are present in the living room, though confined to a small space. But expanding the use of colour here is a subtle way to give the subconscious a feeling of continuity.

It does seem like the fun is reserved for the bathrooms as here, in the kitchen, you see it designed with a colour theme similar to the living room.

Although it is very wood-centric, the teal-coloured lower cabinet doors provide a much-needed contrast next to the white kitchen top and backsplash with the wooden flooring.

Adjacent to where the cooking action happens is the washer and dryer area.

It is elevated, with storage underneath, perfect to store detergent and other home cleaning products.

The element we find most crucial here is how the designers, again, allowed light to cast its beam to this narrow space. Natural lighting is positive enforcement as it improves mood and productivity.

Do you love the interior design of this resale HDB crafted by Prestige Design Studio? Head over to their profile to check out their portfolio.

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