Atum Interior - Thomson

By Admin , Apr 26, 2022
Atum Interior - Thomson

Atum Interior - Thomson 

Atum Interior emphasises on quality and affordability. An alluring interior doesn’t need to come with a hefty price tag. The designers are dedicated to easing the design process for you as it can be tiresome and complicated to handle on your own. But, you can rest assured Atum Interior will bring your dream house to life! Their work often revolves around minimalism and efficient space planning. We can see just one example of their skills with their home renovation project in Thomson.


The living room makes use of a muted, natural colour palette to create a calming and serene environment. From the smallest details, such as the clock decal on the wall, to the choice of furniture, there is a strong emphasis on necessity. The designers left the room as clutter-free as possible, by only including furniture that is necessary for living.

Minimalism doesn’t have to mean boring as they have decided to throw in a hammock by the window, recreating the feeling of free-floating by the beach with sunlight on your skin and a slight breeze through your hair.



The overhead fixtures are fitted with warm lights that suit the cosy feeling of the entire home but can also create an intimate setting for late-night dinner parties. The large dining table can comfortably sit six people and is the perfect canvas to display your feasts.



Bright and natural, the kitchen focuses on lines and geometry to make it look clean and neat. The light colours help to open the space while the wooden finishing give it a comforting, homely feel. There are also many storage compartments so you never have to worry about a messy kitchen.



 The spacious bedroom makes you feel like royalty. The floor-to-ceiling window allows ample natural light into the room and gives a refreshing look to the room. A sanctuary fit for your night time routine, this bedroom is sure to keep you comfy at night and energetic in the morning. 



The bedroom also has a simple wooden wardrobe for you to store all your clothes. It is both stylish and functional as the clear glass panels allow you to see into the wardrobe while preventing dust from accumulating on your clothes. The chic wood also complements the rest of the interior design very well.


The bathroom also uses clean geometric lines to create a neat-looking space. The designers made a smart move – choosing reflective surfaces to create the illusion of a larger room. The darker hues also ensure the bathroom doesn’t stain or look grimy that quickly. Overall, the interior of the home is simple and elegant, with a cohesive concept that runs throughout the entire home.


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