Colour combinations for your home

June 21st 2022

Colour combinations for your home

Tired of the one-dimensional coloured walls in your home? After being surrounded by the same walls for months and years, some of us may start to feel bored. However, like many other changes, there is always the concern that a new colour scheme may end up looking bad or weird. If you’ve always wanted to try a new colour combination for your home, or perhaps you’re a new homeowner looking for inspiration, we have a few colour combinations that might catch your eye! 

1. Blue and Brown

If you like a calm ambience, earthy themes are the way to go. Blue and brown are reminiscent of the land and sea, which we all know come hand-in-hand. Go for muted tones if you’re concerned about the colour combination being too bright or overwhelming.  

Blue and brown is a good choice if you want to switch things up but also enjoy a certain level of minimalism.

2. Marigold and Cream

A toned-down version of white and gold, this pairing gives your home a cottage-like feel. Infuse a sense of excitement and cheerfulness into your home with this cute colour combination.

3. Peach, Cream, Chrome

This colour combination is calling out to all the contemporary homeowners! If you like a subtle colour palette, this one is perfect for you! While white may be the safest choice, it can get dull after a while. Switch things up with this creative combination.

4. Black Ruby

An intense and intimate choice for those leaving in a bachelor pad or New York-style apartment. Black and red is a classic colour combination that is bold - perfect for those of you looking for a radical change in scenery.

5. Pistachio and Periwinkle

A fun combination that’s not too overbearing. These two may not be an instinctive choice for many but as we can see from the photos, they come together surprisingly well.

6. Royal blue and purple

As the same suggests, these colours are fit for royalty. Your home can exude a sense of lavishness and class by simply introducing these deep colours.

7. Turquoise and white

This colour combination can brighten up your room and give it a youthful energy. You can experiment with various hues of turquoise to bring about a different effect. Muted tones will create a calmer atmosphere while brighter colours will create a more exciting feeling.


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