Creating a Scandinavian home with IKEA products

By Admin , Oct 28, 2021
Creating a Scandinavian home with IKEA products

Whether you’re staying in a BTO flat, condominium or landed property, you have all the creative freedom to design your interior however you want! A popular interior design style would be the Scandinavian style, which is characterized by a minimalist aesthetic which features light, neutral colours, wooden furniture, pendant lights and occasional statement pieces in different rooms. You might even have seen this style while strolling through the showrooms of popular Swedish furniture store, IKEA. Here, we’ll share some tips and products you can get from IKEA to recreate the iconic Nordic landscape in your own home.

Tip #1: Use light-colored furniture to contrast against a dark background

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Many Scandinavian homes have earthy-toned walls which are contrasted with light-colored furniture, often either white or light wood. You can include large storage display units that serve both practical and aesthetic purpose. We recommend coordinating the colour and design of your display units to create a more cohesive look. Either choose the same colour for your furniture or even better, stick to a single brand! IKEA offers a diverse range of brands for you to choose from, like Kallax, Baggebo and Bestå. Feel free to browse and look for the design that you like most. Nonetheless, be sure not to overly clutter your display units so your home still retains a look of spaciousness and cleanliness.

Tip #2: Feature some plants!

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Plants are a common feature of Scandinavian designs to help brighten up your home and give it a more natural look. IKEA offers plants of various sizes and even unique vases for you to display them in. If real plants are too much hassle for you, you can opt for artificial plants that require much less maintenance but still have the same effect.

Tip #3: Give your bedroom some personality

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You can still stick to the minimalist look while giving your bedroom some life! You can consider large mirrors (Ikornness, Knapper and LÄrbro have very sleek looking standing / wall mirrors while Lassbyn offers uniquely shaped mirrors). Wall art and picture frames are also a simple way of introducing some personality to your room. Take a walk down the art section of IKEA and you’ll see a wide range of paintings! You’ll surely be impressed by the beautiful, yet affordable, art pieces on display.

Tip #4: Sleek mirrors and matching display cabinets for your bathroom

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Scandinavian bathrooms often emphasize on clean lines and usually have a main focal point, often being the mirror. The geometry in the bathroom makes it look spacious and neat. Enhet and Lettan are just 2 examples of the brands that provide quite a comprehensive range of bathroom products. However, it you find that it is too much work to look through each bathroom accessory individually, IKEA already has a few coordinated bathroom series designs for you to choose from. The Godmorgon and Hemnes bathroom series encapsulates the Scandinavian spirit quite well and saves you a lot of time looking through catalogues.

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