Creating More Seats in Your Living Room Area: How?

June 21st 2022

Creating More Seats in Your Living Room Area: How?

One cannot deny how important your living room is. After all, it is where you, your family, and guests will hang out in your home the most. Hence, your living room seats are equally important! Designing your living room seats to make them comfortable for everyone might be difficult, especially if your home is a little small. Fortunately, there are a few ways to incorporate extra seatings for your loved ones or extra space! Here are 7 ways you can create more seats in your living room.

1.     L-shaped sofas

Credits: Home&Decor

One of the most popular ways of adding seats is to incorporate an L-shaped sofa in the living room. Unlike typical sofas, an L-shaped sofa like the one above can add significantly more seats for everyone! That includes your friends, family, and even yourself. Now, you can even lie down while watching TV! That is how much bigger an L-shaped sofa is.

Another bonus of using an L-shaped sofa is that it is singular furniture. That means that your living space will look neater, and it can also become the focal point of your living room. Here’s a tip! Place the L-shaped sofa in the corner of your living room to maximise space and make your living room appear cosier.

2.    Built-in seats

Credits: Houzz (Design Cube)

If you think that sofas or chairs are the only way to add extra seats, you will be surprised to know there are other ways. Take the picture above for instance: the seats are cleverly added to the bookshelves, and along with the windows. Hence, look around your living room for any unused corners that could accommodate a rest. 

Another benefit of building in seats in your existing furniture? It eludes cosier vibes. Perfect for a book reading corner! Another term for building seats near your window is “bay window”. Not only does it give you more seats for your loved ones, but it can also double as a hidden storage space! Simply make the bottom of the bay window seats hollow to store items. Another fun perk? Given that it is right next to the window, it can become your perfect Insta-worthy posing spot!   

3.    Tucked away seatsCredits: Modsy

If you want to add a few seats, you should take the above picture as inspiration. Stools, pouffes, and portable chairs would be your go-to. Not only are they easy to pull out when you need extra seats, but they are also easy to tuck away under your shelf or cabinet when you require more floor space. In fact, some portable chairs can also double as storage spaces! Here’s a tip! Add a carpet in your living room. Given that you will be pulling your chairs back and forth, it might accidentally damage your living room floor. Hence, the carpet can add colours to your living room and protect your floor from any accidental damages.

Bench behind your sofa

Credits: Modsy

If you have a more open concept living room or have a larger sized home, this is the solution to your worries. Adding a bench behind your sofa adds extra seats while subtly diving into your living room. In addition, it does not take up much space and does not block your view since it is hiding behind your sofa. For instance, the picture above shows how it can add extra seats without overtaking your living room. 

In fact, the perk of additional seats is not limited to just your living room. On the occasion that you need extra seatings in a different room, you can also move the bench over for added seats! Moreover, benches come in a variety of designs, colours, and heights. That means that you will be spoilt with choices and will definitely find one to complement your living room.

5.    On the floor

Credits: Beontrack

Another popular alternative is to add seats to your floor. For example, you can add comfortable and simple floor cushions just like the picture above. When you do not need the extra seats, you can also reuse them as your sofa cushions! Thus, you do not need to worry about the lack of floor space when you do not have guests over. 

Another benefit of floor cushions is how portable and convenient they are. Given they are so light and small, your loved ones can shift them to wherever they like. No more twisted backs and worrying about the angle of watching the TV! If you are looking for something with a little more weight and comfort, you can consider getting beanbags. Not only are they more comfortable, but they also come in a variety now. Apart from the traditional conical, slightly more saggy shape bean bags, they now come in different materials like tailored leather and sophisticated velvet and various forms. That includes the recliner forms, chaise varieties, and even ottomans to rest your foot on.  So, you do not need to worry about compromising the design of your living room while adding extra seats!

6.    Ottoman as your table

Credits: decoist

When you need extra seats or your living room is a little small, it is time to think out of the box! And that means using your ottoman as your table too. While it may not be your conventional coffee table, it is incredibly aesthetic and versatile! As you can see from the picture above, the ottoman brings a pop of colour to the room. 

In addition, because the ottoman has to be big enough to serve as a table, it ensures that it can also serve as seats for many more guests! Specifically, an upholstered ottoman would be your best bet. Another bonus? You do not ever need to worry about accidentally bumping into your coffee table. With such soft corners, it will be much safer (even if you have babies or children around)!

7.    Counter seats

Credits: SquareRooms

If the above living room speaks to you, you should consider getting counter seats against the window. While it is similar to the previous bay window seating arrangement, this typically involves adding a counter table and seatings. Does it look a little familiar, or perhaps, giving you your favourite café vibe? That’s right! Not only will the counter seats solve your worries, but they can also serve as a beautiful aesthetic spot! 

To perfect that aesthetic café vibe, you can also add a couple of plants just like the picture above. Here’s a tip! To ensure that the sun is not glaring in your face, you should add a window bind. Be careful not to use black coloured binds as they will excessively absorb the heat from the sun and can also make your counter seats seem dull. If you still want extra seats, you should also add singular chairs between the counter table and your sofa, just like the living room example.

The bottom-line

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