Everything you need to know about your kitchen backsplashes

By Admin , Sep 13, 2021
Everything you need to know about your kitchen backsplashes

Ask essential as a knife in the kitchen, the backsplash is one aspect of the kitchen that you need to put as much effort into like the rest of the kitchen itself. With plenty of options and materials to choose from, how would you decide what would be the best choice of backsplash for your kitchen?


First, what is a backsplash exactly? The space above your workstations (stove, sink, countertops), up to the upper cabinetry or ceiling would be where your backsplash fits into. The backsplash typically helps to protect the wall and space behind these workstations, making it easy to keep the kitchen clean. Because the backsplash is usually kept at eye level, it is also used to beautify and stylize your kitchen.

So now that you know what a backsplash is, we’re going to demystify some of the more common and available choices of backsplashes.

Tempered Glass


Tempered glass is a common choice of backsplash material. The glass itself is an economical option with a typically low cost and easy maintenance. The smooth and heat-resistant glass is typically a good choice in any situation and can be flexible for most styles of homes. The glass is also designed to break in a safe manner, protecting you from any potentially dangerous situations.


You can even get some gorgeous designs for the backsplash with intricate patterns printed on the glass. Tempered glass can come in many other designs, even some of which can look like natural stone or mirrors. However, the installation of tempered glass can be quite tricky as the glass is usually cut to measure, meaning it would be difficult to make alterations or replacements in the future.


Coming in with plenty of patterns, tiles are another great way to show off a great design in the kitchen. With the flexibility of different patterns, tile designs, and layouts, tiles can be an excellent choice.

Another great thing about tiles is the rich culture they provide. A simple choice of tiles can help you incorporate parts of your heritage into the design of your home. With some of the most intricate tiles, a modern kitchen can benefit from some of that timeless Peranakan theme.

While tiles may not be as durable as some of the other options in this article, the great thing about them is their interchangeability. If one tile is broken, you don’t have to change the entire backsplash, simply replace the broken tile and you’re good to go.

However, tiles can add to the difficulty in maintaining a kitchen. Some designs may be more prone to catching dirt and dust on the grout lines.



Quartz is a common choice for backsplash material in most kitchens. If you are already using quartz or some other natural stone for your worktop, then having the same material as the backsplash is a natural choice.

This creates a great sense of homogeneity in the kitchen as you see the design flow from one surface to another seamlessly.

Natural stone options carry the same advantages and disadvantages as their use as a countertop. Quartz is the cheapest of the options and usually offers the most variety in choice of color and design. The man-made stone material is heat resistant and durable against stains, splashes, and scratches.

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