Expert Tips: Ways to Widen Your Kitchen for Your BTO Flat

By Admin , Oct 27, 2021
Expert Tips: Ways to Widen Your Kitchen for Your BTO Flat

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A dream of every couple (and some singles) living in Singapore is to own their very own house. The most popular choice would definitely be the highly coveted Build-To-Order (BTO) flats, or what the current generation might call a “new way of proposing to their significant other”.

Designing a BTO flat can be an exciting journey for many new homeowners. You get to decide how you want rooms to look, from wallpapers all the way down to the type of wheels on a chair. However, a growing concern for many aspiring homeowners is the flat size that has been slowly shrinking since the ’80s due to land constraints. Who are the most worried about smaller flats you might ask? Foodies who love big kitchens, that’s who. Smaller BTO flats also mean smaller kitchens with less than ideal pantry space, and that is a foodie’s worst nightmare.

Endless pictures of lavishly big kitchens floating all around the internet are not helping in the quest to make a beautiful kitchen out of a small space. However, consider yourself saved as here are some kitchen design tips for you to make it seem bigger than it really is.

Have mirrored areas

in your kitchen Not something you’d expect, but having mirrors in the kitchen helps create an illusion of a bigger area as light bounces off the surface. Of course, you have the added bonus of checking yourself out while cooking and making TikToks in the kitchen.

Have your backsplash made in the same material as your counter

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Having your kitchen counter and backsplash in the same material makes the latter look like the extension of the former, making the space look more than there is. Using reflective surfaces can make this illusion stronger.

Use open shelves instead of cabinets

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Instead of fitting your kitchen with conventional cabinets, why not opt for open shelvings instead? You lessen the risk of hitting your head on cabinet doors, and you can make your kitchen look less boxy with excessive cabinets.

Alternatively, if you’re a sucker for the cabinet aesthetic, try making it as high as you can. Yes, like ceiling level high. Long and high cabinets make your kitchen look like there’s a lot of wall space while giving that Victorian kitchen vibes. Make sure that the lines of the cabinets match up to create a seamless look and attract the gazes upwards.

Choose the right colour palette

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A neutral colour palette for the kitchen is recommended for those who wish to make the kitchen in their BTO flats seem larger. Popular colour choices include white and cream, especially for the countertops and shelvings. However, for those who prefer contrast, try having dark cabinets for those nearer to the ground and lighter tabletops and cabinets for anything above the waist.

Be practical

Being practical and making full use of your kitchen layout is important if you are looking to widen your kitchen space. Here, it’s important to understand the kitchen triangle, where the main workspaces should be planned in a way that it forms a triangle. Following the golden kitchen triangle makes it easy for you to prepare ingredients, cook, and clean up afterward. You have to make sure that nothing’s obstructing the flow of your triangle, of course.

Make your kitchen counter a makeshift island

A dream of many homeowners is to have a big kitchen island right in the middle. Islands typically have a lot of storage space and look aesthetically beautiful, but it comes with one downside. This kitchen island is stuck to the floor, eating up a lot of potential kitchen space. Try getting a counter that doubles up as an island! Add some wheels to one part of your counter and you can have an island as and when you want!

Integrated appliances

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Consider having some appliances like ovens and refrigerators already built into the kitchen. Doing this helps you save on the countertop space and makes the kitchen look neater. On that note, it’s time for you to Marie Kondo your appliance choices and only buy those you NEED. Do you really need that second sink? How about that dishwasher?

Smart modular storage

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Heard of those beds that fold up into a wall or study space? Try compartments that do the same! Using modular kitchen storage wisely helps you to make use of every nook and cranny of the kitchen. You can even have a compartment specially made for those awkward corners that could never seem to fit any shelving!

Adequate lighting

A key component in making a kitchen look big is light, and lots of it. Get a window built near the kitchen! It helps with the ventilation for when you decide to cook up some barbeque, but the light streaming in from windows helps to brighten up the space. Make full use of under-cabinet lighting as well! It helps to shed light in places where ceiling lights cannot reach and overall helps in making the area look brighter and bigger.

Minimalism is key

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This is the most important. Without this tip, the hard work you put into doing the other tips will likely fail. Declutter your kitchen ever so often, and ensure that you do not leave too many items on the countertops. Having many things out and about makes your kitchen look very messy and shrinks its perceived area. Have specific kitchen storage spaces for each item and put them back after each use. It helps you to maintain focus when you cook and ensures your workflow in the kitchen is seamless.

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