Flooring or Painting First?

By Admin , Nov 29, 2021
Flooring or Painting First?

When it comes to renovating your new house, one of the things you have to consider is the sequence of renovation works. The foundations of your house are the floors and walls but you have to decide whether to paint the walls before or after installing the flooring.

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If you think about it intuitively, you might feel that it makes more sense to paint the walls before installing the floors because the paintwork might drip onto your brand new, delicate floors.

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However, the opposite is true! Flooring can be a little messy at times and you don’t want debris and dust collecting on your newly painted walls. So, here are some reasons why you should actually install your floors before beginning paint works.

Debris from Removing Flooring

Imagine removing the floors from the home you’ve lived in for quite a long time. There’s bound to be large amounts of dust that is released. Now, imagine these dust particles landing on a fresh coat of paint. The specks of dust on your walls is surely going to require another round of painting, which means more cost and time spent. To avoid this whole fiasco, you can opt to install your floors first so your walls are free from any dust.

Repainting Trim

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Most of the time, you will have to remove your baseboard and trim before installing your new flooring. This might be a slightly troublesome process because after removal, they usually need to be repainted and repaired. After reattaching the trim, a second round of touch-ups have to be done too.

Doing the flooring first will save you time and costs as you avoid the need to do repainting and repairs.


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You can rest assured that with professional painters, the necessary precautions will be taken to protect your floors. This ensures that your new floors will be free from any accidental paint spills.

Some Things You Should Know:

Prepare your walls before installing flooring

Before installing your floors, you should prepare your walls so that once the flooring is complete, you can immediately get to painting. This preparatory work includes sanding or wallpaper removal. If you decide to do this after your floors are installed, it can likewise cause debris to stain your new floors. This is especially detrimental if you’re installing epoxy floors.

Different floors have different problems

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Different floors are installed in different ways and hence, need different precautions. Floorings such as hardwood can be installed relatively easily but unfinished hardwood or epoxy basement floors will require a new touch-ups and waiting time. It is important that a sufficient amount of time is allocated for the layers to dry, you could end up with splatters or wood shavings on your walls. In the end, discussing these details with your renovators is the best way to ensure your new home is ready as soon as possible.

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