Fun Shopee gadgets for your BTO flat / Condominium that you never knew you need

By Admin , Sep 21, 2021
Fun Shopee gadgets for your BTO flat / Condominium that you never knew you need

Fun Shopee gadgets for your BTO flat / Condominium that you never knew you need Online shopping has revolutionized the commerce industry in recent years. Everyone probably has an idea of what online shopping is even if they prefer traditional brick-and-mortar stores. While a stroll down the aisles of Ikea may be therapeutic for some, there are so many wacky inventions available on popular e-commerce websites that you may never see in stores. Here, we name just a few.

For the Kitchen

1. Automated Cup cleaner

This unique product uses a powerful water jet to rinse your cups in just a few seconds. The force is strong enough to clean the inside of any leftover residue, so you no longer need to slump over the basin doing dishes after a very hearty dinner. 

2. Portable dishwasher

Dishwashers aren’t common in Asian households because they are very expensive and take up a lot of space. However, this portable dishwasher is a game-changer because it is compact and relatively affordable. There are 8 different functions you can choose from, including a baby bottle option for families with young children. The in-built heating system also dries your plates and cutlery after they have been washed. Mood lighting

1. LED light strips

LED light strips have rapidly gained popularity because of various social media platforms and understandably so. These multi-colored light strips can be stuck around your room and you can choose a combination of colors to set your desired mood.

2. Galaxy lights

Along with LED light strips, galaxy light projectors have also made their appearance online and as its name suggests, it looks like the galaxy is projected around your room. Galaxy lights are slightly more convenient than LED light strips because they do not need to be stuck to the wall. Instead, the projected light is from a single light source. For the study room

1. Desk bike

A work-oriented economy often comes with the consequence of neglected health. Most people would rather spend after-work hours resting at home rather than going to the gym. Hence, this desk bike gives you the best of both worlds by allowing you to exercise while doing work, thereby doubling your productivity.

2. Cable Raceways

Cable raceways are an excellent, yet inexpensive, way of organizing your cables. Most of us have wires hanging awkwardly beneath our desks. These raceways store your cables neatly while still allowing you to access them whenever you need them. For the bedroom

1. Adhesive wallpaper

Shopee offers an extensive range of self-adhesive wallpapers if you ever feel tired of your room’s wall color or just want to see some textures on your wall. The convenience of this is that you can choose your tile size and change them whenever you get bored of them!

2. Japanese-style folding chair

This folding chair is inspired by Japanese interior design and is compact enough to occupy a small space in your room. If you ever feel tired or need a break, you can just whip out this comfy chair and take a breather – preferably with a hot cup of tea and a nice book in hand!

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