Futuristic 4-room resale flat in Bishan

By Admin , Sep 08, 2021
Futuristic 4-room resale flat in Bishan

This resale flat blurs the line between home and visionary art gallery. Walking through the doors, you’ll be greeted by white marble, creative lighting, and a sense of awe. Interior Empire really outdid themselves with the renovation of this resale flat because it is guaranteed to be like none other you have ever seen. If you love modern concepts and interior design, this room is specially curated for you so feel free to draw inspiration from this delightful abode!

Living & dining roomSource: Interior EmpireSource: Interior Empire

The first thing you will be greeted by is this cohesive living room that is both stylish and functional. Notice the use cabinets right next to the door for you to store all your household necessities. Furthermore, the strategic placement of the mirror opposite the dining room makes the living room look more spacious. Interior Empire also made the creative decision of color palettes, combining a more muted base palette of white and grey, and combined them with bolder splashes of blue and yellow. This prevents your home from looking overly dull by giving it some personality and brightness!


Source: Interior Empire

The large kitchen is suitable for families with young children who are surely going to wander around the kitchen when they smell your delectable cooking. Or, if you are adventurous in the kitchen, the space allows you to conveniently maneuver around the countertop to make sure your dessert is perfectly assembled. The color theme of the kitchen closely matches the living room to give the entire house a coordinated look. The blue and white cabinets add to the semi-professional vibe of the kitchen while also providing adequate storage space for all your equipment and ingredients.

BedroomSource: Interior EmpireSource: Interior Empire

You must be curious about the bedroom because that should be the epitome of the comfort of any home. And comfort is exactly what you get in the resale flat with a majority of the bedroom being dedicated to the large bed. However, you also get a compact closet space where your clothes will be on convenient display without taking up too much of your rest space. Rest assured there will be sufficient clothing racks and cabinets so you can indulge in retail therapy whenever you need it!

BathroomSource: Interior Empire

The bathroom takes a more minimalist approach by using more neutral tones and not overwhelming the bathroom with unnecessary décor and trinkets. This compact space has the added advantage of being less time-consuming to clean – you no longer need to worry about hidden cow webs in inaccessible corners of the bathroom. Of course, there are windows near the mirror to ensure proper ventilation and reduce humidity after a nice shower.

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