Get to know Accent Chairs for Living Rooms and Bedrooms

By Admin , Sep 17, 2021
Get to know Accent Chairs for Living Rooms and Bedrooms

Ah, your HDB or condo is now fully furnished. It looks gorgeous, on the theme, and hmmm, is something missing? A pop of color? something to stand out amongst the prim and proper setting?

If you ever feel that way about your already-gorgeous home, an accent chair might be the remedy to that tugging desire. Place an accent chair in a room that needs a little something-something.

The amazing thing about introducing an accent chair is that it does not take up a lot of space because it is just one furniture addition. You can break all the rules of interior design and just go with what you like as accent chairs are supposed to create visual interest, not blend in with the rest of the room.

Just like a grand artwork, people tend to spend a little more on a solitary accent chair as a way of self-expression.

Here, we will look at accent chair examples for small and large rooms.

For Small Spaces

Product from Bed and Basics

The Nearl Armchair checks all the criteria for a timeless, classy, and modern look. This adaptable piece is fashioned to suit any decor setting. The foam in its seat ensures that it is well cushioned to ensure comfort.

The angular corners that curve down to its armrest detail a classy injunction.

The neutral grey shade on the Nearl Armchair matches various decor schemes and themes. The comfortable fabric upholstery that lines the armchair is an added plus point. A silhouette that accentuates structure over cushioning deceives your eye into seeing the chair as smaller than the reality.

Ideal for bedrooms, it stands out when placed closer to the window or paired with a floor lamp.

Product from Bed and Basics

The Quinn Velvet Armchair, like its name, represents the next level of elegance. With its gold high-shine metal legs and rounded edge that curves down to its armrest, it is a lovely statement piece for small spaces.

Pleasing to the eye and touch, the armchair gives an aura of grandeur and elegance with its rich velvet upholstery. Its seat offers moderate firmness that provides just the right amount of comfort to help you unwind after a long day.

With the high shine, golden zinc alloy legs, it provides sturdy support and completes the look with a touch of glitz and glamour.

Product from HipVan

Influenced by the colorful fiestas of Mexico, the Acapulco was created. This classic and handwoven seat can be a stylish accent inside and outside your home.

The frame is made from PE wickers paired with UV protection properties, while the legs are made from coated mild steel. The strong base provides stability and exceptional strength, making it durable and perfect to kick back, relax, and siesta.

The maximum weight capacity of the armchair is 85kg. Included with the Acapulco is a detachable black headrest cushion for added comfort. Save yourself the trouble and stress of assembling this beauty with the free assembly service.

Fun fact: Chairs with rounded corners take up the same space as boxy pieces, but due to their curves, they have a smaller visual footprint.

For Larger Space

Product from Finn Avenue Home

Looking for a chair that is perfect for your reading nook or sitting area?

The King Louis XIV Wingback chair with a modern twist makes the perfect reading nook providing a dramatic setting to any room.

Its ornate cabriole legs with stretchers crossed at the base are paired with floral motifs. Hand-crafted by skilled artisans, this chair is a rare treasure. With the wingback made from top-grain black leather from Italy, its frame; hand-carved Beechwood from France, a complete black Italian top-grain leather all round and accent nailhead trim on the ravishing leather, this piece is undoubtedly a head-turner.

Product from Snow Globe

Invest in an armchair that provides good support and comfort while possessing good style and aesthetics.

The Don Vito Armchair has a high back that provides your neck and head with the support it needs when relaxing with a book and a cuppa.

Made from PU lather and gold steel legs, it is perfect for industrial-themed homes. Place one in the living room or the office and watch it transform the way your room looks and feels.

With its futuristic lines and design, this lounge chair is ideal for a family room or casual living room. The big arms offer support and comfort so people can relax when they sit down.

Product from Urbanmood

Who would have thought that beanbags would be considered a luxurious armchair with an ergonomically optimized backrest and footrest?

This lazy boy bean bag is packed with EPP foam bead sand and clothed in denim. The design stands apart from the conventional and freeform bean bag.

The best part? They offer a great deal of versatility for your sitting area due to their round shape. This means that bean bags are the best addition to your home, regardless of the style you choose.

You and your guest will be able to lounge in an upright position, knowing that your back is fully supported. Just pick one in a color that matches your style.

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