How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Posh Condominium

May 18th 2022

How To Make Your Home Feel Like A Posh Condominium

Although our definitions of what makes a home fancy differ from person to person, we can all agree that incorporating some finishing touches into our homes will help boost their visual appeal and also make our homes appear more luxurious. In fact, a few minor adjustments and improvements can really help to elevate its aesthetic value and make your home feel more like a posh condominium. Read on for some helpful tips and tricks that will help spruce up your living space and make your home look just like an expensive condominium on any budget!

#1 Using A Simple Colour Palette In Your Living Space

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A cost-effective and easy way to instantly transform your living space to give off a more luxurious feel is to simply use simple and neutral colours in your home. In fact, one of the best colours you can use is ivory. Ivory is a classic, refined shade that will never go out of style. Apart from ivory, white shades also work great as a base colour for your luxurious home. This is because having ivory, or any white shades can help the living space to appear bigger, grander, and airier! At the same time, you can also play around with other neutral tones and warmer shades. Not only can such shades be easily layered on top, but they will also generally complement the undertones of ivory or white base paint as well. 

To further enhance the luxurious feel by using simple, neutral colours, you can also add different textures. Take a look at the photo above as inspiration; the space above features an ivory base with a varied texture of rustic wooden floor planks. Not only do the rustic wooden floor planks blend in nicely with the room’s luxurious vibe, but it does so without being too over the top.

#2 Accenting Certain Areas In Your Home With Rugs

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For those who like the illusion of a wider living space, this tip may be perfect for you! Incorporating rugs into your home décor can help to add extravagance to your home. Large rugs or carpets can be used to divide different areas of your home, such as beneath the dining table or in the living room. This modest 'division' will also help you establish a better flow and choose decorative themes for the various 'zones' in your home.

According to interior design experts, this is because rugs may generate illusions, and the wider the rug, the larger your 'space' will appear. For example, in the picture above, a neutral beige rug that is placed strategically in the living room space complements other neutral shades in the room and helps to create an illusion of a wider, cozier space. Not only that, but it allows statement pieces such as gold-accented globe lamps to be brought to our visual forefront, allowing the room to be equally stylish and spacious without feeling too overly cluttered. 

#3 Embracing Minimalism in Your Living Space 

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Ever heard of the term “Less is more?” Well, this phrase can also be useful when incorporated into your home design process. Minimalism is a great way to create a luxurious atmosphere in your own space. This can be done by introducing as little visual clutter as possible into your home. How can this be done? Well, we can start off by first choosing a few, large furniture pieces rather than adding many tiny pieces of décor. Incorporating minimalist furniture with lots of texture, directs visual attention to the main pieces and gives the space a lot of individuality without compromising clean lines and space in the home. A simple and clutter-free space is the best way to create a serene and sophisticated vibe in your home. 

#4 Incorporate Lush Greenery Into Your Home

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For those who are plant enthusiasts: this tip may be right up your alley! A lush green area is an ideal environment for a home with neutral shades. With good placement and the right amount of plants, this can give the space a classy and coherent vibe. Large-sized potted plants should be placed in an empty corner of the room. This is because such tasteful placement helps to add visual depth and the right amount of vibrancy to the living area. 

For those who are busy or are newbies at plant caretaking: there are plenty of low-maintenance plants that you can buy in order to make your home look stylish and effortless! Snake plants and ZZ plants are some houseplants that you can consider planting in your home. Not only do they require little effort to maintain, but they can also help to keep your space feeling and looking fresh. In fact, synthetic plants can also be used for those without green thumbs, as the colour still helps to balance out the living area beautifully. Fauna is indeed a wonderful way to make your home feel more welcoming and classier as a whole!

#5 Decorate A Wall With Artwork  

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To achieve a luxurious look in your home, displaying paintings on walls are the way to go. In this case, size matters a lot. You should always choose large-scale art pieces over small ones for a maximum luxurious appeal. This is because larger-sized artworks help to draw attention and can serve as a focal point in a home, as well as enhance the luxurious feel of your living space. Nonetheless, there is no denying that such large art pieces may be costly. But do not worry, because there are many ways to find affordable and yet, impressive artworks for your house. 

For those looking for artworks for their home and are on a budget: consider second-hand thrift stores! Places like The Salvation Army have thrift stores that sell second-hand artworks and paintings at much more affordable prices. Not only is it wallet-friendly, but it also gives these paintings a new lease of life – a win-win situation! At the same time, to further enhance the stylishness of your choice of painting or artwork, you can frame it in a classic gold frame. Not only can a gold frame increase the value of your painting or artwork, but it can also seamlessly add glamour to any space.

#6 Utilise Lighting To Spruce Up The Home

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One aspect of interior design that people more often than not overlook, is using lighting to create a well-lit space. In fact, making proper use of lighting can elevate and transform a space to feel and also look fancier. One way to use lighting to your advantage is to use accent lighting, which is lighting that is used to draw attention to a certain aspect of a room. You can use accent lighting to highlight statement pieces such as artworks in your living area, or even objects you have on display in cupboards. This is so as to highlight the objects visually and also help prevent them from becoming lost or looked over in a dimly lit area. Just by having your lights be strategically placed, you can instantly revamp your home to look more classy and luxurious as a whole!


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