How to organize your home on a budget

By Admin , May 06, 2022
How to organize your home on a budget

How to organize your home on a budget

Still working from home? Despite how big of an impact our surrounding environment has on our mental space, it certainly isn’t easy to stay on top of your work while keeping your home tidy. This is a common problem that many people face, so here are some tips we hope you might find helpful in order to make it easier to get organized! What’s even better, is that none of these items will cost above $30!

Ladder Clothes Hanger 


It’s a happy problem to have your closets bursting, but trying to squeeze additional hangers onto a closet hanging rod that is full can be extremely frustrating. A ladder clothes hanger is perfect for this job. This handy multi-layer hanger allows you to hang five different pieces of clothing in one compact space, and is definitely a smart storage-saving way! Ladies! For those of us who have one particular design of clothing in multiple colours, this hanger is definitely for us! Organise your clothing based on type, and hang similar pieces on one hanger. During the morning rush, simply take out that hanger, and you will easily be able to glance through five different options of clothes you have for the day, instead of having to rummage through piece by piece! All at once without taking up precious extra closet space. Not only does it keep your bottoms wrinkle-free, it also allows for easy reach. At such affordable prices, but bringing efficiency of use, and being a great space saver, these ladder clothes hangers are certainly the way to go. 

Metal/Wood Desktop Table Organizer Shelf 


Having a messy table may affect productivity, but this will help boost the creativity that prevents procrastinators from doing what they need to do. 

This desktop organizer is so much more than just the regular office shelf! Its sleek build and elegant design really appeal to the need for aesthetic beauty in all of us, and thus works great as a cosmetic shelf, or a display rack for plants, or can even spice up your kitchen and double up as a spice rack! The layers give you added vertical storage space, and if placed on the desk, the bottom rack is a perfect size for storing your laptop. This bookshelf is truly the definition of simplicity meeting practicality, with the added bonus of being charming and modern. 

Drawer dividers 


Organizing our intimates can be a little troublesome, as we (ladies especially!) might have many different pieces which suit different needs or occasions. Stacking them often leaves them in a chaotic mess after rummaging through to find that one piece, and thus having each piece on display for easy selection would make life so much easier. These linen drawer dividers are great for helping you arrange small pieces of clothing, be it underwear, ties, or socks. Now you will never need to panic and look for the matching side of the sock, which uncannily happens every time you are running late. At less than $5, this drawer divider certainly brings about an increase in quality of life that surpasses what you will pay for it. 

Sockerbit box 


Every household needs to have some sort of dedicated space to keep miscellaneous items. Having these innocuous storage boxes around the house is a good way to store your items and prevent them from getting misplaced or lost. Not only that, but this sockerbit box comes in a slick and appealing design, which does not draw too much attention to it. This is simply perfect and right for the job as miscellaneous items tend to come in all shapes and sizes and be stored in a mess. The sockerbit box is an extremely useful item to have at home to store items such as plastic bags, toolboxes, towels, and many more. It provides ample storage space, and is designed in such a way to be perfectly stackable. 

Furthermore, it is durable and waterproof, and its outer material allows for it to be written on with markers. This would give you an easy way to label stuff in your own handwriting, as big or as discrete as you would like, without having to print,cut, and stick specially made labels which require additional effort. You would even be able to put this in the back of your car boot to store your polishing liquids and clothes for cleaning your car. The waterproof material is definitely a bonus!

Wooden Shoe Cabinet with Soft cushion 


There is a great selection of shoe cabinets that can be placed at the entryway of your home in the market. If your household is lacking one, this certainly is a calling for you to get one for your home. You won’t have to balance while standing up or bend down and wrinkle your clothes just to put on your shoes anymore. With this Wooden Shoe Cabinet, it allows for easy storage of the shoes you most often wear, and the soft cushion seat serves as a wonderful designated space for you to just sit comfortably and put together the last of your outfit before heading out. is the perfect house piece to have. Not only that, but the soft colours and sleek modern design make it not just a functional piece, but an aesthetic and welcoming one that guests will see once they enter the home. For family members who are always the early birds of your home, this will be a comfortable waiting area as well while waiting for the rest of your troupe to get ready. The best part of this? It will only cost you $28 and is certainly a steal for a piece of furniture that is so functional. 

Home organization can be easy and affordable

We hope that these tips and items that can help you to organize your home will come in handy for you, and spruce up your living areas! 


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