Increasing your Chances of Getting BTO

By Admin , Nov 22, 2021
Increasing your Chances of Getting BTO

Applying for a BTO flat may be quite nerve-wrecking for many as It seems like a game of luck. No one wants to apply for a BTO only to get it a few years later and it may not even be in a location that you really want. However, there are some tricks and hacks you can use to improve the chances of you getting the BTO flat of your dreams. 

1. Choose a Non-Mature (Less Popular) Estate

It makes sense that your chances of getting your BTO flat will increase if it is in a neighbourhood that is less popular. Less popular flats do not necessarily mean that the flats are in a deplorable state, but it is more likely that you’ll have to make some trade-offs. Perhaps in travel times or neighbourhood amenities. However, it is your judgement call on whether these trade-offs are worth it in securing a cheap BTO. Some of the neighbourhoods you can consider looking into are: Sembawang, Woodlands and Jurong West.

2. Have Children 

Take advantage of Singapore’s Parenthood Priority Scheme. First-timer married couples with children, or are expecting children, are seen as a high priority group when it comes to allocating BTO flats. Up to 30% of BTO flats are allocated to those under this scheme. Your chances of getting a BTO flat will increase greatly if you have or are expecting children so you might want to have a chat with your spouse about this!

3. Live Near Your Parents

Under the Married Child Priority Scheme, a quota is allocated for applicants under this scheme. Up to 30% of BTO units are reserved for first-timer families under this scheme. As long as you include your parents in your application or apply for a joint-application, you’ll have higher priority, and higher chances, in getting your BTO flat.

4. Own, Not Rent

If you’re not a first-time BTO applicant, don’t worry because there are still ways for you to improve the chances of getting a BTO. The Tenants’ Priority Scheme (TPS) can work in your favour here. Up to 10% of 2-room flexi and 3-room BTO units are allocated for applicants under this scheme. As long as you and your family have been living in a HDB public rental flat for 2 years, you can consider being a homeowner instead.

5. Take Advantage of your First Application

As you’ve seen earlier, a lot of the schemes are geared towards first-time applicants. Your chances of getting a BTO is much higher on your first application, so be sure to take full advantage of all the scheme available. Take the time to research on them, trust us that the process will be worth it when you actually get your BTO flat on the first try! Nonetheless, don’t be disheartened if you don’t get it, just keep trying again! 

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