Interesting bedroom colour schemes

June 21st 2022

Interesting bedroom colour schemes

The bedroom is probably one of the first rooms you think of when it comes to deciding on the interior design of your home. There are indeed many things to consider in this one room: the overall concept, the furniture, storage space, etc. But, before you even think about the layout of the room, the most important thing is - the colour scheme. 

The colour of the room is very important in setting the tone and creating the appropriate environment for a good rest. It should also fit into the colour scheme of the rest of your home! Here, we have just some suggestions for you to consider: 


Neutral tones are a common choice for bedrooms because they brown and white tones invoke a sense of calmness and safety. This creates a comfortable environment for you to snuggle under the sheets before you float off to dreamland. Neutral tones also create a seamless look because they are very versatile and can blend together with most houses’ colour schemes. 


Greyish tones in the bedroom makes the ambience feel cosier and more intimate. Grey is also a good canvas for most furniture, especially if you have dark wooden furniture as they complement each other well.


If choosing a colour scheme is too much of a hassle, you can always opt for a wallpaper instead. Like colours, wallpapers come in many forms, maybe even more than there are colours! Adding patterns can make your room look more exciting, especially if you’re bored with the current single coat of paint that your room has.

Cream / off-white

Cream is the perfect choice if you’re concerned about your bedroom being too bright even at night. White tends to make a room look louder and bolder because it reflects light well. A subtle change in the white tones to make a cream or off-white colour can help to create a more intimate and dimmer setting. This is the most useful for the bedrooms where you want to create the most relaxing environment possible.


If you want your bedroom to be more exciting and inspire some creativity, brighter colours like teal is a good choice for you. While you may think that teal might be a difficult colour to integrate, you can play around with the hues to make the room look interesting without being overwhelming.


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