Obbio Concept Project - Jupiter Road & Tampines Ave 5

By Admin , Nov 18, 2021
Obbio Concept Project - Jupiter Road & Tampines Ave 5

Being an interior design firm based in Singapore, Obbio Concept has a goal to design classic interiors with maximum practicality. They work their magic to change a basic house into a sophisticated one which leaves you feeling astonished at every turn. With passion and meticulousness being the core of Obbio Concept, you can rest assured that your needs and wants will be understood and met with quality work. If you are a fan of contemporary designs that scream expensive (without doing too much damage to the wallet), they are sure to exceed your expectations. Let us take a look at two of their projects and see how they flawlessly converted the houses into refined artworks.

Jupiter Road

The first project is a landed property located on Jupiter Road. This interior design features the perfect contrast of black and white elements for a minimalist feel. Obbio Concept made use of different brown features to bring out the best in the yin and yang of colours while keeping the design true to the expectations of the homeowners. Minimalism has become more than just an aesthetic. It is a lifestyle and art form, and this house is the perfect embodiment of it.


The driveway, as with the rest of the house, is decorated with a beautiful mix of greys and dark browns to complement the white and black elements. The closet at the front porch adds to the minimalist aesthetics, with spotlights shining at the main door for a homey and classic vibe. Windows near the main door allows for streams of natural sunlight to come in during the day, and the black wooden feature mixed with the textured grey flooring exudes elegance and simplicity.  

Living Room

The living room sports a unique blend of textures and colours, turning the space into one that is never seen before. Brown doors and floorings are added to act as accents to complement the contrasting tones. Bright lights are used in strategic spots to illuminate the area, and certain spotlights are used to create focal points within the space. The black cabinets accentuate the beauty of the light grey wallpapers, and the contrasting marble designs of the carpet and coffee table make for an elegant design for the living room. The black partition also creates a perfect divider between the white walls, making it one of the statement pieces. 

Dining Room

The darker-toned high table and chairs make a great addition to the aesthetic as it makes the space look more luxurious and elegant. Open shelves next to the table add practicality into the mix, and the design acts strike a nice balance to the whiter areas of the house. The dining area leverages on full-length windows and other reflective materials to help more natural light stream into the house. Sliding glass panel doors bring you to the balcony fitted with darker word flowing. 


The kitchen is possibly the brightest themed room in the whole house, and no one is complaining. It is equipped with ceiling-high cabinetry, making the wall space look a lot bigger. The backsplash and counter are made from the same materials and add to the illusion of a bigger space. The under-cabinet lighting along with the bright ceiling lights work well with the natural sunlight, making the space look bright and creating an aura of lightness.

Tampines Ave 5 

Next, we move on to an HDB maisonette located at Tampines Ave 5. The colour palette of this project is different from earlier and exudes a light and airy feel. While the other project focuses on the black and white colour palette, the black in this project is used more as subtle accents here and there. This interior design features an elegant mix of white and brown, making the space a dream for fans of Japanese-inspired rooms. 

Living Room 

The living room utilises a good blend of differently coloured woods to add accents to different areas of the room. The television feature is made of medium-colored wood, which complements well with the dark shelves and furnishings, making it a nice focal point. One of the statement furniture would have to be the unique cabinetry below the staircase. It makes use of random holes in the walls as well as typical covered cabinets, adding points to the aesthetic counter. The under-cabinet lighting for each of the shelves gives off the impression of a gallery, with bright lights to enhance its features.


The kitchen features a nice balance between the white and brown elements, making the area look homier and more comfortable. White upper cabinets complement the wooden lower cabinets well, and the reflective surfaces illuminate the room more. The island adds a nice touch to the kitchen, with the dangling light pieces on top of the dining table becoming a cool statement piece. The dining table’s darker tones work well with the brighter aesthetic of the kitchen too. 

Study Room 

The study room has minimal furniture and decorations, but it fits well with the contemporary theme of the house. The grey details on the curtains and windows add to the neutrality of the room without being too overbearing. Not to mention, the view from the windows is a good de-stressor too. Extra storage is hidden behind seamless wooden closets, and high cabinetry makes the area a more functional space. Darker-toned sliding doors keep occupants away from the other areas, making it a perfect place to work or unwind.


Lastly, the bedroom features a focus on the grey and brown tones to enhance the homeliness and comfort of the room. Ceiling high wood cabinetry is combined to become a cool backdrop for the bed. Reflective panels are also added as a signature feature and with the tone of the panels complementing the bed frame well. The wide windows give the room a good amount of sunlight, which is leveraged by adding a small worktable on the side.

The thoughtful mix of colour palettes and design choices show that Obbio Concept fully understands the bedroom’s role as a resting haven. 

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