Platform Bed vs Bed Frame

June 22nd 2022

Platform Bed vs Bed Frame

New homeowners looking to furnish bedrooms might be wondering whether to go for a more traditional bed frame or opt for a modern and aesthetically-pleasing platform bed. Well, to help you choose which type of mattress foundation to purchase, read on as we compare different factors to decide which foundation is the better option. 

1.    Storage

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If you are living in a flat with space constraints, bed frames are the way to go. There are a wide variety of bed frames to choose from, and those looking for ways to save space in their homes can consider buying a multi-storage bed frame. For instance, practical bed frames that act as a storage unit with compartments are a clever space-saving storage option for items like clothes, duvets and even books. 

2.    Affordability

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For those on a tight budget, bed frames tend to be the better option. Platform beds often cost more than bed frames due to the added prices of having to hire specialised carpenters to build a customised raised platform in your bedroom. As a result, the type of foundation you choose for your bed comes down to your home remodeling objectives. 

If you are on a restricted budget or prefer to spend less money, a retail bed frame may suit your needs best due to its affordability. On the other hand, for those with grander remodeling budgets, platform beds can be a great option as you get a bespoke and sturdy raised platform that supports just about any type of mattress.

3.    Structural Integrity

If you want a structurally sound and sturdy mattress foundation in your bedroom, choosing a platform bed may be the most ideal pick for you. Everyone can agree that one of the most crucial components of your day is getting a decent night's rest. 

Well, with the platform bed, the durable and sturdy construction at the bottom actually provides a secure base for your mattress, and the stable structure also helps to support all kinds of mattresses effectively. Essentially, by choosing a platform bed rather than a bed frame for your mattress, this will help to ensure maximum comfort when dozing off.

4.    Design Aesthetics 

Are you looking for a mattress foundation that goes hand in hand with the general atmosphere of your home’s design? The truth is, there is no clear cut winner in this category as the platform bed and bed frame both have its strengths. 

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The most enticing thing about having a platform bed is that it not only provides you with countless personalisation options, but it also allows you to bring your design concepts and ideas to fruition. 

This is because platform beds are available in several different styles and designs. As such, you may select from a variety of styles, ranging from vibrant and imaginative to elegant and simple. For instance, classic, contemporary, and Asian styles are all trendy and appealing. 

At the same time, novel designs are often being created all the time in order to keep up with the tastes and preferences of modern culture. However, keep in mind that because it is both complicated and time-consuming to change a platform bed you have already purchased, picking one that will best complement your bedroom's style and area is critical.

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While bed frames usually do have less customisation options in comparison to platform beds, it does not mean that bed frames cannot offer you the design aesthetics that you need. Instead, if you spend some time to go shopping for the proper bed frame, you will likely still find ones that are perfectly suited with your bedroom’s overall design aesthetic. 

Whether it is a clean Japanese style or an eclectic and maximalist ambience, retail boutiques carry enough variations of different bed frame styles to cater to most tastes. In fact, a quality bed frame not only provides a degree of sophistication, but also adds elegance to the bedroom. At the same time, it also helps to raise the overall visual aesthetic of the bedroom area. In general, the bed frame's low cost is an excellent method to add as a finishing touch to the bedroom space. 

5.    Mattress Durability

If you are concerned about increasing the lifespan of your mattress, then platform beds will be the best selection for your bedroom needs. Why? Well, platform beds are indeed more beneficial for your mattress as a foundation since they provide a flat and hard surface as well as superb air circulation. This will not only help your mattress last longer, but they may also be utilized with any kind of mattress, such as memory foam or even orthopaedic mattresses. Therefore, if you are looking for a bed type that can offer better mattress durability, platform beds are the way to go. 

6.    Ease Of Access 

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Do you have senior family members living in your home or prefer a more accessible bed? If you do, you should consider getting a platform bed. For those who have aged family members, they may frequently struggle to find the correct type of bed for them as some of them tend to face chronic discomfort in certain parts of their bodies, such as the neck and joints. 

Seniors benefit from conventional platform beds since they can accommodate any mattress type, such as ergonomic adjustable mattresses as well as orthopaedic mattresses. At the same time, they are also fairly simple for seniors to get in and out of bed. 

However, platform beds that are close to floor level should be avoided. This is because while they are stylish and appealing in design, they can however prove to be more difficult for matured family members to get in and out of because of its lower height. Many seniors also appreciate mattresses that help them to sleep while feeling comfortably cool during the night, especially with the humid weather in Singapore. The platform bed will provide a sturdy support for mattresses that help to regulate body heat temperatures while sleeping, making it a great choice for those with more mature loved ones. 

Overall, both the bed frame and platform bed have its pros and cons. However, after assessing and weighing the varying factors and conditions, the platform bed seems to have more merits as compared to the bed frame. 

However, this does not mean that you need to pick the platform bed since everyone has their own individual mindsets and situations. Therefore, you may prefer the bed frame instead of the platform bed. As such, here are some considerations to help you decide which option is the best for you:

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Choose a platform bed if: 

1.    You value having customisation options when designing your bedroom

2.    You have senior family members who need easy accessibility to the bed

3.    You want your mattress to last longer

Choose a bed frame if: 

1.    Affordability is one of your more crucial considerations in bedroom design

2.    You value simplicity and want less construction work to be done when designing your bedroom 

3.    You require additional storage space in your bedroom


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