Can I Renovate My New BTO Below $35,000?

By Admin , Nov 26, 2021
Can I Renovate My New BTO Below $35,000?

A successful BTO application and five long years of waiting later, you finally receive the keys to your new forever home! Do not rejoice just yet though, as the journey is far from over. The most cumbersome part of the journey has just begun – renovating your home. Not many of us have millions of dollars stashed away for this moment, which explains the heartbreak when renovation cost comes into play.

Renovation costs in Singapore are pricey, with the average being $50,000. For most Singaporeans who do not have sugar daddies, renovations will cost an arm and a leg, possibly a kidney too. But did you know that you can actually get the house of your dreams without having to break the bank? If you are on a budget, there are a few themes that are not only beautiful but also affordable! 

Now, one very important thing that you need to understand is that this stage is going to be the most stressful part. It is important to have a good interior designer helping you make your dream house a reality. Choose an interior designer that understands what you are trying to achieve. Bonus points if they are great at problem-solving and have creative ideas! It is best to work with someone who can act as a fresh pair of eyes to make full use of the space and design to elevate the house’s aesthetics! Inform your interior designer of your budget and any ideas that you have and work with them closely.

Here are some colour palettes and themes that you and your interior designer can consider for your house. Better yet, use them as inspirations and come up with a new theme on your own!

Tranquil Coziness

With this theme, your cost could even be below $25,000! Make use of dusty colours that complement each other such as white, greys, and blues to bring out the restful vibe of the room. If having too many white spaces makes you feel that you are in a hospital, play around with different textures that will pop against the plain background. Using pale wood for your furniture can act as an accent while keeping the room bright and cozy.


If you and your significant other are fans of the brand MUJI, why not transforming this love into a theme for your house instead? Get inspiration from modern Japanese houses and make them yours! Go for lighter shades of wood for your floor and white for other spaces to create a Zen ambience. If you search hard enough, your renovation can cost as little as $20,000!

Grey-ceful Elegance 

A tip unknown to many is that a grey colour palette can help to create a calming environment at home. Depending on the shade of grey, rooms can exude a calm, soothing atmosphere or a classy and charismatic one. You can even add some dark curtains and patterned wallpapers, rugs, and cushions for a classic Victorian themed house that screams elegance. Having brown accents around the house can also promote relaxation. The blend of the dusky colours will make your house look more refined and expensive when it could cost as low as $28,000!

Barnhouse Nature

This theme focuses more on natural materials to bring out the rustic and earthy tones of the house. The usage of wood is always preferred for interior design as it makes the room look cleaner and crisper with a touch of nature. The shade of wood also plays a major role in changing the aesthetic of the room and can total your cost to $28,000. If you want to have some beautiful accents around the house, you can consider dark cabinets or backsplashes to contrast the pale wood floor. It is advisable for you to keep your bedroom neutral for a more peaceful sleep.

Monochrome Beauty 

Want your house to exude the feeling of classiness? Try a monochromatic theme for your house to resemble a regal place with a modern twist. The perfect colours to showcase contrast, these shades do well in a contemporary themed house. However, do take note of the amount of natural light that streams in the room before designing to ensure that your rooms are bright enough during the day. You can achieve this theme for as little as $25,000! 

I have decided on a theme, what’s next?

After deciding on the theme you want to go for, purchasing household items become fairly easier. This is because the items you purchase would have to match the decided theme in order for the house to look well put together. “Less is more” is a classic quote that is very relevant for the renovation phase. Refrain from purchasing too many decorative pieces and keep your furnishing choices simple. If you want to go for extravagance at minimal cost, consider getting a small chandelier for the dining or living room. Even better, let the colour palette you chose do the work for you. If you wish for spaces to look bigger, try hacking down a wall or replacing them with sliding glass doors to maximise them. You can also add reflective surfaces and play with light setups for the illusion of a larger room. Smart storage pieces of furniture are also good to have in view of the shrinking flat sizes in Singapore. With technology advancements connecting the world closer with time, it has become more convenient to source for cheaper furnishings, tiles, and more. There is always the infamously cheap Taobao and even apps like Shopee and Lazada at your doorstep.

The Bottom Line 

At the end of the day, it is your imagination and the magic powers of your interior designer that is going to make your house look as beautiful as you envisioned it be. 

Building your dream home can be a breeze with the right interior designer, renovation package, and renovation contractors. Instead of sourcing for a separate contractor each step of the way, you’d be surprised how much money you can save with the packages that are offered. 

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