Renovation and your Flat’s Resale Value

By Admin , Nov 19, 2021
Renovation and your Flat’s Resale Value

We all have an idea of what our dream homes look like. Some like well-organized spaces with lots of storage areas while others prefer a more minimalistic design with large, open spaces that are virtually free of any furniture. In designing your perfect home, you may be tempted to install all the elements that will bring your dream home to life. But, do be cautious as this fervor may actually harm your flat’s resale value when you’re looking to sell the flat. Here are some renovation tips to prevent dragging down your house’s resale value in future. 

1. Avoid false ceilings

Source: Livspace

False ceilings are a convenient way to cover up wiring covers that conventionally run across your ceiling and may be an eyesore for many. While you do get a very elegant-looking room as a result, you also end up with a lower ceiling that greatly reduces the height of the room. This is detrimental for the resale value for your flat as ceiling fans cannot be installed on false ceilings as it will be too close to the ground. Furthermore, some potential buyers may be exceptionally tall and might be off-put by the low ceiling.

Source: Paramount Construction

If you still want to install a false ceiling, we suggest installing them only where necessary. Often, homeowners install false ceilings at the edges of a room to cover up the wiring while still allowing for the installation of ceiling fans.

2. Don’t knock down walls unnecessarily

Source: Interior Style Hunter 

It may be tempting to hack down walls to create a larger living room area for all your dinner parties. Nonetheless, this comes with a trade-off as you’re sacrificing a precious dividing wall that could’ve been used to create a room with a unique function, such as a study room or even a walk-in closet. Potential buyers may not like the fact that they have lesser rooms to work with as they might have liked to separate their rooms differently.

3. Avoid having too much built-in furniture

Source: Lunchbox Architect 

Built-in furniture appears to be every highly organised person’s dream come true. These storage compartments are built into walls and hence, save you a lot of space while making your room look neat and tidy. However, everyone’s level and method of organisation is different. While everyone likes a tidy room, how they would’ve arranged their storage spaces may be completely different from yours. This makes the choice of built-in furniture slightly rigid which potential buyers might dislike.

4. Choose more muted, neutral wall colours

Source: TLC Interiors

Source: Wallsauce.com

The colour of your room is an important factor in deciding the aesthetic and character of your room. Often times, it is a reflection of your personality and your furniture and decorations are chosen to complement the colour of your walls. Here, we’re not saying that you should compromise on this just to appease potential future buyers. Having neutral-coloured walls are simply a versatile choice because they can suit almost any kind of colour palette and décor, so you can still have your favourite band’s posters plastered all over your room. Additionally, overly bold-coloured walls may be overwhelming for viewers and prevent them from seeing the actual architecture of the room.

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