Shopee Household Items That Make Your Life Luxurious

By Admin , Sep 07, 2021
Shopee Household Items That Make Your Life Luxurious

Have you ever walked into a space in your room and realize that, despite how well it is designed and decorated, something is missing that might give it a touch of luxury? It’s like a missing piece of a jigsaw puzzle that makes it complete.

Maybe we can help.

That item you are looking for may not cost a bomb. We are taking guesses here, but you may want to check out luxury-like homeware you can get from Shopee from our list below.

Motion Sensor Light USB Charging Wardrobe Light (from $2.19 - $14.99)

A motion sensor rechargeable light for your wardrobe or kitchen cabinet is a simple and affordable technology that adds to the quality of your home and lifestyle.

This motion PIR sensor light turns on instantly when it detects motion from as far as two to five meters away and shuts off automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity. Available in three models, there is one with seven LEDs (200mAh), twelve LEDs (600mAh), and 20 LEDs (800mAh). All of them provide constant light mode and motion sensing mode. Do note that the 15cm type only has motion sensing mode.

This product can be hung or stuck on to your wardrobe using 3M adhesive tape. No tools, screws, or nuts are required, making installation a breeze.

To ensure it works, charge them for an hour or two. The 15cm device will function for a month, the 25cm device for six months, and the 35cm device for up to a year.

This super bright LED is energy saving as it consumes less power than other motion sensor lights and is environmentally friendly. An LED’s lifetime can be up to 100,000 hours or more.

Pick either a white and warm white to match the aesthetic of your home.

Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment (Priced at $25.90)

Want a fancy toilet without having to pay the fancy price?

You can have Japanese toilets for only $25.90. What a steal!

This bidet toilet seat attachment comes with two spray jets.

Both the right and left jet is for a hip wash. However, the right spray has a wider angle which is more suitable for women. This product can be installed with ease. There is no need for other accessories or plug-ins. The manual that comes with it tells you exactly how to fix and remove for cleaning.

This attachment can also help save you some money. By reducing the need to use as much toilet paper as compared to before, you are not only saving money but the environment as well.

What better way to add that bit of luxury into your toilet than a luxurious experience!

Adult Folding Bath Tub (Priced from $68.00 to $73.00) 

Now, if we are being realistic, not many homes come with a bathtub. There are some days where you just need to put your feet up, soak and relax.

This bath barrel measures 1.78 meters long, providing ample space for you to lay your body in. With a slanting angle of 105°, a headrest, and a seat cushion, you can fully relax in comfort. The multiple folding designs enable the high-quality PVC material to be folded as many times without damaging it. When folded, its thickness is only 20cm. Along with it being lightweight and space-saving, this is perfect for small apartments.

The bathtub comes with multiple storage spaces and a storage hanging basket. You can place your mobile phone, iPad, magazines, or water cup in it while you soak the stress away. A bubble bath for you, or a toy-filled water adventure for your child, is sure to be a good time.

The drainage is located on the side of the tub. Just unplug, and direct the pipe into the drain.

Made from non-toxic and tasteless PP TPE material, this bathtub is FDA-certified BPA-free, safe for human skin. A small price to pay for a life of luxury.

Sunset Projection Night Light (Priced from $5.99 - $16.55)

The sunset projection night light is taking the world by storm thanks to TikTok and Instagram influencers. A simple search with #sunsetprojector on either application will bring up a string of pictures and videos of this product.

 With four different halos to choose from, you have the option to make your place look exquisite, delicate, bright, or not dazzling. Made using iron and PC, this product is space-saving and durable. A 180° adjustable head helps to meet the needs of different angles of light.

You can now have your very own sunset in the comfort of your living or bedroom while adding a glimpse of luxury to your home with pocket change!

Sometimes, what brings luxury does not come with a hefty price tag. If you know where to look, Shopee Singapore will lead you to homeware that is space-changing, and ultimately, lifestyle-changing!

We have Shopee recommendations available at Renodot’s GoodReads sections. If you are looking to make your home more functional or aesthetically pleasing, we’ve got you covered. Check our list of inspiration and selection first!

Mini Portable LCD Projector Home Theater Cinema (priced at $48.00)

Showcase Video

Bring the theatres to your home with this mini portable LCD projector home theatre cinema.

Enhance your movie and video game experiences at home, outside, or while traveling with this mini home theatre. Perfect for parties and gatherings, now no one will miss out on what’s happening on the screen.

This mini product supports a 1080P HD display, 720 P, and 1080P screen which allows you to enjoy clear, natural images and videos on the big screen. Along with 3000lm high brightness, it offers superb true color presentations and is distinguished by abundant color as well as display details. Equipped with multiple input interfaces, it supports HDMI, AV, VGA, USB, and Micro SD input. It can also be easily connected to several multimedia devices like the TV box, laptop, desktop computer, and digital camera, all of which contribute to making your life and entertainment easier.

The small and portable design is another plus point, making it easy to carry and store.


Color: white + yellow / white + black

Light source: LED, 30,000 hours

Native resolution: 320x240 P

Support resolution: 720P, 1080P

Brightness: 3000lm

Contrast 3000: 1

Focus mode: manual focus

Displayable colors: 1.67 M

Package Included:

1 * J9 LCD projector,

1 * US or EU plug charger

1 * Remote control

1 * AV cable

1 * Instruction Manual

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