Simple ways to brighten up your BTO homes and Condominiums

By Admin , Aug 31, 2021
Simple ways to brighten up your BTO homes and Condominiums

Contents hide 1 Bay seating 2 Grill-less windows 3 White spaces 4 Mirrors 5 Under-cabinet lighting 6 Swap out solid doors for French doors 7 Built-in bookcases 8 Crown molding 9 Light coloured flooring Lighting may not be something you immediately consider when you’re thinking of furniture arrangement or the type of décor to spruce up your room. However, lighting can drastically alter the atmosphere in your house and give it a more inviting aura, as well as appear more spacious. Better lighting can boost your morale in the study room or simply provide a cozy atmosphere when you’re snuggled up in bed with your favorite book after a long day at work.

Here are some tips you can consider to brighten up the interior of your house:

Bay seating

Big windows ensure that your home gets lots of natural light! Bay windows allow natural light to constantly stream in and illuminate your entire room, giving it a clean and fresh look. Take full advantage of this natural lighting by throwing on a few pillows and a thick comforter on the window ledge and there you have it! Your new favorite reading spot. You can even apply this to your bedroom and give yourself a nice, comfy spot to fall asleep every night.

Grill-less windows Grill-less windows

 Credit:Pella Windows & Doors

The neat outlines of windows are accentuated when there are no grills. This allows light to enter the room without any glaring barriers. The sleek silhouettes also give your house, or room, a more modern feel. What’s more, is that you get an unobstructed view of the clear skies and beautiful scenery outside.

However, grills do provide a safety barrier, especially for those living on low floors or families with young children at home. In this case, it is best to include grills on your windows. This is not to say that your house will look more cluttered, but simply that the style will be different. Windows with grills will give your home a more traditional look and they complement colonial-style houses especially well.

White spaces

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White naturally enhances the light in your house and makes any space seem more spacious. Uncluttered white spaces will give your home a clean and neat appearance. Moreover, white is a good choice for smaller kitchens as it gives your kitchen the illusion of space.


 Credit: The Washington Post

Strategically placed mirrors have been an age-old trick to help any home seem bigger. The trick is to place your mirrors adjacent to your windows. If you want more natural lighting, you can opt to place it right opposite your windows so that the natural light is reflected around the house. To give your house a touch of personality, you can choose mirrors of various shapes and sizes that are sure to be a focal point for any visitor!

Another smart trick: placing mirrors at the end of a cramped hallway can also help your corridor look wider and more spacious.

Under-cabinet lighting

  Credit: Style Degree

 Credit: Haven Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is most common for kitchen cabinets but can be used for cabinets in any other part of the house too! LED strips are commonly used as they are the most convenient to install and can run across the borders of cabinets and shelves. They help to illuminate the room and make the room seem less cluttered and more spacious. For a fun little trick, choose remote-controlled colored LED lights so you can change the color of your lights to fit the tone of any party.

Swap out solid doors for French doors

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Switch the solid wooden doors in your living room or balcony area for see-through French doors. The transparent panels on the door will make a room seem less claustrophobic as you can now view more space.

Or, ditch the doors altogether and go for an open concept living space

Open concept living rooms and kitchens do away with any pesky obstructions that come with walls and doors. A large open space makes your home seem large and alluring. Additionally, this makes it more convenient to travel between different rooms in your house and you can keep an eye on your boiling pasta while watching TV on the couch.

Built-in bookcases

Built-in bookcases are recessed into your walls and make more floor space available for other décor and furniture, such as footrests and a fluffy rug. It makes your space seem larger and gives you a convenient place to store your books and trinkets, which reduces the clutter in your house.

Crown molding

Not only does it look elegant, crown molding naturally draws the eye upward. This subconsciously makes your ceilings appear higher and overall gives your room a high-ceilinged effect.

Light colored flooring

 Credit: Apppie.org

Dark wooden floors make a room appear more cramped and gloomier as it does not reflect light very well. On the other hand, light flooring will make your room look bigger because it has the same effect as white furniture and light-colored walls. much like light paint and furniture, will make any room seem significantly more spacious.

Above are some useful ways to brighten up your BTO flat or Condominium during your home renovation.

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