Simple ways to build a workout room in your BTO flat or Condominium

By Admin , Sep 03, 2021
Simple ways to build a workout room in your BTO flat or Condominium

Has this pandemic interrupted the fitness goals you’ve set up for yourself this year? Some of you might have fallen off track, some might still be trying to find the time to include their fitness routine into their already busy lifestyle. Maybe motivation is the missing key. What if you could create the motivation to work out? How? By creating a workout room in your BTO flat or Condominium.

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Converting a room or a nook into a space that empowers you to sweat it out is one way to get in shape while the Covid-19 restrictions are still in place. When we can go on with our normal lives again, we’ll be doing it with a better and healthier body.

Check out these simple home gym design and organization tips, and get ready to design the home workout room of your dreams!


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Firstly, allocate a space. It could be a dedicated room, a space in your living room, or a double-duty room like an office.

Work out where to work out! The beauty of flex space is flexibility.

A spare bedroom is usually a choice of flex space, but you could also transform the unused corner of your living room or bedroom for your sweat sessions. Find a space in your home where you are comfortable, so exercising is much more fun when you’re in your comfort zone.

Safety is an important aspect when choosing your space. For comfort and air quality, be sure to cover any exposed insulation with drywall. Adding a window, fan, or air conditioner can help keep the space cool.

If you plan on using weights or heavy equipment, make sure the floors are properly braced. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and water-resistant. Rubber mats are both cheap and easy to install. It also helps reduce noise by cushioning the impact of weights and while running on the treadmill. Or else, get foldable gym mats.

Workout and Equipment

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Look at the type of workout and equipment you want.

Are you a heavy lifter? Is dancing or cardio your jam? Do you prefer a home gym system with heavy equipment to help push your boundaries? Or maybe something more low-key with yoga equipment, space to move, and hand weights? The possibilities are endless.

If you don’t have the space for a treadmill, an incredibly affordable and space-saving option is the old-fashioned jump rope. Now, before you skip that idea, note that it does not take up any storage room. A weighted jump rope can crank up the intensity, forcing your wrists and forearms to work harder. For strength training, a single kettlebell, a set of dumbbells, and resistance bands can give you the same muscle toning without the need for gigantic cable machines and bulky storage concerns.


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Should you decide to combine an office and home gym, keep the two spaces separated by giving each function its own designated space. Utilize furniture with hidden storage to keep resistance bands, yoga mats, and weights. That way, you can avoid cluttering the space. Tote bags are useful for storing gym and office supplies because they can be stacked against the wall.

Consider a storage container that can slide under your bed or couch. Jump ropes and other small portable exercise tools can be kept there. Consider having a hanging organizer behind the door to hang other lighter equipment.

Extra closets can be used for storage, and repurposed dressers or bookshelves can hold items like balance balls, extra towels, free weights, and much more!

Putting up an inspirational sign, wall art, or maybe a calendar can keep you motivated and stay on track.

Adding Mirrors

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Mirrors can transform a compact, gloomy space into a bigger and brighter looking area. Adding a full-length mirror in your home gym will instantly make your space look bigger, more open, and less confined. Since we are often cramming our gyms into already tight or cramped quarters, they can sometimes feel small and claustrophobic.

It also helps you point out the problems in your form when lifting weights and holding a plank – making sure the bar on your shoulders is straight, your knees are not bending under the weight, which is crucial in ensuring that you are working out safely and helps eliminate accidents.

One note is to avoid placing your mirrors around your weight and bar storage. At some point, those things might just hit the wall and break your mirror.

Ready to get fit? These are just simple ways to set up your home gym. 

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Above are some of the useful tips to design a workout room in your BTO flat or Condominium.

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