Smart Ways to Add Seating in Your BTO Flats or Condominiums

By Admin , Sep 12, 2021
Smart Ways to Add Seating in Your BTO Flats or Condominiums

Are you furrowing your brows over the planning of the seating space in your small living room? Do you want to host parties but feel embarrassed that your guests have to sit on the floor or are squeezed too close to each other for comfort? Seating space in the little living spaces in our homes in Singapore can be tricky. The line between feeling cozy and cramp is a fine one to tread. Here are some tips and tricks you could consider that might help to increase the seating space in your home!

Tip # 1: Take an L Image

Making use of the right angles of L-shaped sofas ensures that corner spaces are not wasted. This is especially essential since space is often limited in newer BTO flats and condominiums. Usually, such designs fit snugly in corners, filling the space completely. This is a nifty trick since oftentimes people find it tricky to design and make use of corner spaces. They either clutter it up or leave it bare, making it a corner that people are often not proud of!

Having the sofa against the wall heightens the levels of comfort and security for all those who recline in that corner as well. Practically speaking, sofas that hug walls tend to look less bulky, and will not end up causing your living room to look even smaller, and this is surely an added bonus.

Tip # 2: Multi-purpose furniture

Getting pieces of furniture that could be a footstool but also double up as a low-raised chair are usually great pieces to have when guests come over. Not only might it be more comfortable for children, but it is also useful in helping guests feel more relaxed as they can recline casually.

This also serves to heighten the coziness of the room and creates a welcoming feeling for your guests. Doing research and browsing online will show you many ingenious designs of furniture, some of which (for example, ottomans) can act as both a coffee table and extra seating at the same time. The variety now is endless, so have fun browsing till you find one that you love! A huge plus point to adopting the use of such furniture is that visually and practically, they often do not take up much space in a little living room, so, what’s not to love?

Tip # 3: Don’t say no to rattan!

Rattan furniture is often sleek and much less bulky compared to modern designs of furniture. They come with sleek legs and arm handles, and take up less visual space compared to chunky sofas. They are also extremely durable and have lifespans that outlast modern sofas.

In hot and humid Singapore, rattan furniture could also be a huge benefit as their cushioning tends to be lighter and airier, compared to the leather or linen covering material of normal sofas. Say goodbye to sweaty thighs on a hot afternoon.

For lovers of bohemian or vintage vibes, these pieces are often powerful in creating this look in your dwelling space. In certain places, you could find designs that meet your needs that are much more affordable than new sofa sets, and on top of that, rattan furniture in Singapore is often hand-made by elderly craftsmen. Supporting their business while gaining timeless pieces of furniture is certainly an offer you should consider.

Tip # 4: Renovation ideas

If you are in the designing stages of renovation for your home, certainly, consider adding window seats or a window ledge that doubles up as a seat. These sleek, and literally, wall-hugging seats are definitely one of the most space-efficient ways to increase seating in your little living room. Furthermore, these window ledges often serve as more storage space, which can save you the need to build in more shelves which would further eat into the largeness of your living room. A benefit to having such seats is the amount of natural light you would get from this position, and not to mention the breeze and the closeness to the night sky you would be able to get when sitting at window seats.

Tip # 5: More on furniture, or more furniture?

Consider buying multiple pieces of lightweight and removable furniture instead of committing to a single large, difficult-to-move piece. This allows for situation-based customizing of seating space in your living room, and affords you the ability to be flexible according to your needs and the wishes of your guests. Do not underestimate the benefit of being able to remove furniture when guests come over, it could help greatly in maximizing the space of your living room. It could give you the freedom and assurance that you have the logistical capabilities to make space for more activities you would like to do when you host guests. Don’t be disheartened by having a small living room, sometimes more is less!

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