Spice Up Your Home With These Interesting Appliances

By Admin , Jan 12, 2022
Spice Up Your Home With These Interesting Appliances

Tired of having an overly minimalistic home and decide that it’s time for a change? A quick look around online websites will reveal so many items and appliances that can help to spice up your home! From the living room to bedroom, there are little ways that can make your home look more elegant and personal to you. Here are some of the appliances and accessories that we found that we think you might like!

Living Room

Kraft Paper Retractable Bench

This creative design is space-efficient and adds an interesting center piece to your home. You can arrange the bench however you like, which is good if you enjoy switching things up once in a while. Even though this Kraft paper bench may not look sturdy, rest assured that it can handle a heavy load so you and your guests can have meaningful conversations for as long as you want. The comfy leather seats are perfect for any occasion.

Shopee: from $78.11 

Mico Rattan Coffee Table

If your home has a more natural aesthetic, this rattan coffee table would be the perfect addition. This Castlery table immediately brightens up your room and will definitely impress your guests.

Castlery: $439


Chefman’s Multifunctional Digital Air Fryer

The air fryer has become a must-have appliance for most Singaporean households because it is efficient and healthier than conventional grease fryers. But, it’s time to upgrade your simple air fryer to a more high-tech version. If you enjoy having parties or just want to save time by frying multiple items at a time, this multifunctional air fryer is a good investment. 

Smart Toaster

There are quite a few brands offering smart toasters and its price ranges from $120 to $200 depending on the extent of functions available. This revolutionary gadget ensures that you always get perfect toast every time. If your family enjoys breakfasts, this gadget is the perfect choice for you and your lifestyle.


Bed Tent

If you search up bed tents, there are a variety of designs for you to choose from. Suitable for cosy nights in, your dreams of having a fort party can finally come true. This bed tent creates a snug environment for you to curl up with your comfy blankets and giant teddy bear with some soothing music.

Wall Projector

Lumos is a well known projector company that offers various designs of projectors that range between $200-$600. Projectors are increasingly common in place of TV screens for most contemporary households. To satiate any bursts of wanderlust that you have, you can choose to project an image of your favourite city in the world or, if you have friends over, you can easily screen a film for them.


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