Think Out Of The Cabinets - Cabinets Ideas Inspirations

By Editor Rachel , May 19, 2021
Think Out Of The Cabinets - Cabinets Ideas Inspirations

Singapore interior designers are always thinking out of the box when tasked to design a home that, more often than not, is a unit with limited space. That is why it is crucial to discuss and compare notes when firming up an interior innovation in HDBs or resale homes. Here, we are looking at some fascinating cabinets ideas created by these artists (yes, artists) so more and more Singaporeans can have comfy homes, despite the square metre!

Cabinets Ideas 1: Boxed-In Brilliance

boxed in storage

Here’s the concept: if there is insufficient space for storage, make the bedroom part of the storage.

Platform floors are all the rage recently, but what if the bed is the cabinet and platform at the same time? It takes inspiration from Japanese design, with a futon-like bed on a wooden platform. Then, to ensure every centimetre is utilised wisely, more storage space is put to surround the bed.

The drawers are fitted below the bed, and display shelves are flanked on both sides of the bed. It makes the bed the central focus. As for clothes, longer apparels can be kept on the right cabinet and shorter clothes like shirts, on the left, where the length of the cabinet is shorter.

To view the whole unit, click here.

Cabinets Ideas 2: Make Room for A Room

living room

Have you ever visited a showroom and your first reaction is ‘WOW, the living room space is so big!’ only to be disappointed at how small the rooms are?

You are not alone.

But once you secured an HDB, it is unlikely that you’d want to give it up. Instead of fretting on the layout, the owners at 105B Bidadari Park Drive contacted SHE Interior to work some magic on the living room.

What did they want?

How about a new room?

SHE Interior took the length of the living room to add in an office. Instead of simply adding cabinets, approximately 1.5 metres was cordoned off.


A platform was added (with underlighting for sleekness). Then, cabinet shelving and an extra-long computer desk were installed.

Instead of panelling the new office up with wooden boards, they placed a clear barrier instead. It prevents the office from appearing claustrophobic. Plus, the two spaces now can share the light spillover, illuminating both spaces better.

To view the whole unit, click here.

Cabinets Ideas 3: When You Can’t Find Space, Look Up

double decker storage

If we can have double-decker beds, why can’t we have double-decker storage?

Perfect for homes with high ceilings, a section of the unit can be fitted with a mezzanine storage level, just like what Ciseern did for Kingsford Hillview Creek.

It takes inspiration from olden-day libraries where ladders are used to reach the top shelves. Plus, adding a floor adds more value (in terms of monetary investment) to your unit.

double decker

In this particular unit, the design is an inverted version of the first example of the bedroom. Here, the dining area resembles a cafe, with recessed lighting in the wooden ceiling and surrounded by shelving.

To view the whole unit, click here.

Cabinets Ideas 4: Wall-Long Shelving

wall length shelving

My, my - if this isn’t an impressive ‘shelfie’!

For academicians or just plain bookworms, you might have experienced an overflowing of books. But don’t fret because what Posh Living Interior Design has crafted for this bedroom in Segar Road uses your books, through smart shelving, has turned them into a functional ‘wallpaper’.

This cabinet idea is timeless, used in libraries for ages. For those who long to have home libraries, it is not impossible!

All you need is a good interior designer.

To view the whole unit, click here.

To move ahead, we have to incorporate innovation, not just design, into our home. If you liked what you see thus far, contact these interior designer companies!

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