Todz’Terior – 212 Punggol Walk

September 14th 2022

Todz’Terior – 212 Punggol Walk 

Todz’Terior ethos revolves around simple but special places. The designers do not wish to overcomplicate your home but to use simple and familiar elements to help elevate your space. Todz’Terior designers work closely with you to ensure they understand and can accurately replicate your vision of an ideal home. Each project is tailored to suit your needs and wants, so you can rest assured that the designers here will help to make your dream house become a reality. 

Don’t be fooled because simplicity is definitely not the same as boring. We’ll take a look at one of Todz’Terior’s projects at Punggol that uses minimalistic elements to create a cohesive and elegant theme.

Living room

The living room makes use of familiar elements such as light coloured wooden planks for the floor, clean white walls, and wooden furniture for the dining area. This simple concept ensures that you do not feel too overwhelmed or disoriented stepping into the living room. 


The living room is further separated into a mini gaming / work space by glass panels. This unique layout gives you additional space for your work or gaming needs without making the living room feel too crammed. The smart use of clear panels helps to brighten and open up the space to make this work room feel more spacious.