Todz’Terior – 272D Punggol Walk

November 12th 2021

Todz’Terior boasts a very talented team of designers with a diverse range of skills. Their professionalism and creative has garnered them many positive reviews. They work with all kinds of housing types – from creating a beautiful interior design for your BTO flat from scratch to styling your condominium with a unique and individual touch that is sure to leave you amazed. The designers are Todz’Terior really work more like magicians as we see how they turn this 4-sale resale flat in Punggol into a luxurious home. 

Living Room

The living room screams simple but elegant. The wooden design gives a natural touch to the more contemporary elements of the room, such as the choice of furniture, white walls, and crowned ceiling. The open and clutter-free space invites you to just crash on the couch and watch some of your favourite shows after a long day at work. 

Dining Room

The dining room, situated right next to the living room, is a fun little space for you to enjoy your meals and even host small dinner parties with a few of your friends. The dining area incorporates a variety of cohesive colours: blue, purple, and yellow against a white canvas. This allows the dining room to pop and sets a lively tone for you to entertain your guests. The conventional dinner table has been replaced by an island for a more retro feel.


The fun and cartoonish aesthetic extends into the kitchen. Most homes achieve a cohesive theme by standardizing the colours of their cabinets and walls. However, the designers for this resale flat made a bold choice of using pastel blue cabinets which look fantastic with the white walls and overhead cabinets. The layout of the kitchen maximises the space as much as possible to avoid feeling crammed.


The bedroom is a sanctuary of rest, and the designers really understood this function really well. This spacious room features dark wooden flooring, a cosy little work station and a closet that can surely fit all your breathtaking outfits. The bedroom features the rest area as the focus of the room but of course, most of us enjoy working in the comforts of our bedroom, so the designers took this into account as well. Hence, the work station is smartly incorporated into the design of the bedroom. You also get a vanity to freshen up before you leave the house and tackle the tasks of the day.


Common Bathroom

Master Bedroom Bathroom

As you can see, the 2 bathrooms have rather different designs that complement the themes of the rooms that they are situated in. The common bathroom is located near the living room, which is why it also features light-coloured wood and clean, white bathroom furniture. In contrast, the master bedroom’s bathroom has a darker shower area that features black tiles to create a sophisticated look. This ties in with the look of the bedroom very well as it creates a comfy and intimate setting.

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