Top 10 Useful Home Items You Can Get From Lazada

By James Frankurt , May 20, 2021
Top 10 Useful Home Items You Can Get From Lazada

Online shopping platforms have become ubiquitous in the last year. Just a few clicks on a laptop, phone, or tablet, are enough to purchase items we need from wherever we are. It’s all very convenient, so why not take advantage of the opportunity to make your home life easier. We’re going to give you a few home hacks that can make chores at home easier.

Stackable home organizer box

Stackable home organizer box

Home organizer boxes like these make sure that you never have the problem of too little storage space ever again. Create as much storage space as you like by stacking these boxes on top of one another. These are great to help you compartmentalise your possessions, and you can get one for only $9.90 a piece. Plus, they allow you to create additional storage space anywhere in your house. There are a few variations of these home organizers on Lazada. So you can pick the size and material of your choosing.

Product Link: Stackable home organizer box

Cable holder

cable holder

If you’ve ever had your cables in a tangle, fret not, your solution is right here. Cable holders have special grooves where you can place your wires when they are not in use, thereby keeping them easy to access. Prices for cable holders are set as low as $3.15 a piece. There are special variations of these that let you stick cables to your tableside, and other variations that let you keep your cables untangled while you are on the move.

Product link: Cable holder

Multi-pronged rotating hook

rotating hook 1

rotating hook 2

Priced at about $9.08, multi-prong hooks like this one help you maximise your wall space by letting you hang multiple instead of only 1. It’s best used for small vertical items like kitchen utensils, scrubbers, loofas, and so on. These hooks also rotate so you can easily access any hanging item at any given time. This also means that some prongs are held further from the wall than regular hooks, which is great if you’re hanging items you don’t want your wall to touch. Whether it’s in the kitchen or in the bathroom, there’s no denying the usefulness of this handy household tool.

Product Link: Multi-pronged rotating hook

Phone/Tablet stand

phone holder 1

phone holder 2

If you’re watching videos on your phone or going on video calls for extended periods, a phone or tablet stand could be just the thing for you. Phone stands are available on Lazada for as low as $7.50 a piece. For many phone stands, you can adjust the height and angle to suit yourself. So why not give yourself the most comfortable experience you can.

Product Link: Phone/Tablet stand

Fitness equipment

fitness equipment 1

fitness equipment 2

You might not want to go to the gym right now, but you can still exercise and keep fit at home, and it’s easier to do than you think. Lazada has a nice range of affordable household fitness equipment, many of which cost below $20. Sit-up bars, jump ropes, resistance bands, and abdominal wheels are just a few of the options out there.

Product Link: Fitness equipment

Foldable storage ottoman

ottoman 1

ottoman 2

ottoman 3

There is no losing with foldable storage ottomans. They can give you additional seating and additional storage space for only $29.80. When not in use, these ottomans can collapse so they don’t take up any space unnecessarily.

Product Link: Foldable storage ottoman

Spin-mop trolley

spin mop trolley 1

spin mop trolley 2

spin mop trolley 3

Why not make cleaning the house easier with this all-in-one spin mop set. For just $55, you could get yourself a mop cleaning set, which includes a mop, and a device that is a bucket, mop-wringer, and trolley all rolled into one. You’ll never need to lug heavy buckets of water around the house again. This cleaning set is sure to make cleaning the house more enjoyable.

Product Link: Spin-mop trolley

Multi-hanger for small laundry items

Multi hanger 1

Multi hanger 1

Multi hanger 1

If your socks keep falling off your clothes rack or getting lost in your dryer, fret not. Your smaller washable items can be pegged to this special hanger that lets you clip up to 20 small laundry items at once. These $24.80 hangers also help you keep your hanging items separate from one another so they dry faster.

Product Link: Multi-hanger for small laundry items

Over-the-sink kitchen drying rack

kitchen drying rack 1

kitchen drying rack 2

kitchen drying rack 3

Priced at $189, this multi-level dish drying rack has two levels for dishes, a cup-hanging area, a utensil pocket, and a slot to put a wet sponge after washing the dishes. Best of all, it fits in the small space behind the kitchen sink that is hard to use, and it lets all your wet dishware drip directly into your sink.

Product Link: Over-the-sink kitchen drying rack

Solar powered motion sensor light

motion sensor light 1

motion sensor light 2

These motion-activated lights are for you if you’re one of the many people who hate fumbling for the light switch in the dark. These solar powered lights cost $28, but they won’t cost you in terms of electricity at all because they’re powered by sunlight. All you need to do is to remember to charge it up during the day.

Product Link: Solar powered motion sensor light

*Note: The prices listed on this page are the original prices without discount. Lazada has many promotions and these items might be available at lower prices.

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