Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Your Home

By Admin , Sep 23, 2021
Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Your Home

Top 5 Robot Vacuum Cleaners for Your Home

Like little automatic butlers who roam around your home cleaning up after you, having a robot vacuum cleaner can be quite handy. Perfect for the day-to-day cleaning option in smaller households, these vacuums can be a great choice for every day tidying up. With so many choices in the market right now, we’ve decided to come up with a list of the top 5 robot vacuum cleaners at different price points for your home.

Dibea GT200 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Gyroscope – The Entry Level Robot Vacuum Cleaner

While there are cheaper options in the market currently, we think that this should be the entry-level robot vacuum cleaner for any home. With its thin body and flat front, the cleaner easily reaches under furniture and can go up close to walls and corners.

Why we like this cleaner over other cheaper options would be thanks to the strong suction (1,200 Pa), it provides and its mopping function, it can serve both solid surface floors and medium thickness carpets.

The integrated app function is a must for robot vacuum cleaners in our book. The ability to plan out the route provides a comprehensive cleaning as compared to sensor-based cleaning. Plus, being able to set out-of-bounds areas (kitchen and toilets come to mind) is crucial to keeping your cleaner functioning well for long.

Yeedi K650 – The Smart Home Compatible Choice

The Yeedi is a vacuum-only robot cleaner but don’t let that fool you into thinking it's not a good buy. With smart home connectivity, this cleaner is the top choice for fully integrated homes.

Imagine sitting with your legs up on the sofa watching TV, and you’ve just spilled some snacks on the floor. Now instead of getting up to clean it up, all you need to do is say “Alexa start vacuuming”, and at the end of your sentence, your vacuum cleaner comes to life and does the job for you.

The integrated app also lets you choose the vacuum’s suction power from Quiet, Standard, Max, and Max+, with the lowest setting putting it at a whisper so it can even clean up while you’re taking a snooze.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 1C – 2-in-1 Vacuum Mop

Another quality product from the household brand, for every product you need at home, Xiaomi already has a full range for you to select from. Its current entry-level robotic vacuum cleaner is a sleek jack of all trades.

With smart home support for Google Home and Amazon Alexa, this cleaner combines the strengths of the previous two cleaners. The AI system onboard also helps to build a personalized map of your home where you can add out of bound areas and segment your own rooms as well.

When talking about cleaners we can’t forget the actual cleaning function. With a 2,500 Pa suction, the Mi robot is sure to pick up all the dust and dirt from even thicker carpets, including removing pet hair from them. The 1C is also efficient in mopping, meaning you’d have to top up the water tank less often.

iRobot Roomba s9+ - The Best in Class

Just by looking at the iRobot, you’d know that it’s a whole different class of robot vacuum cleaners. Known as the best robotic vacuum system in the market, it does not disappoint. With its home docking system, the clean base ensures you have a truly hands-free cleaning experience without having to empty out the cleaner after each use.

The customizability of the cleaning system also means you can create your own schedules for cleaning with this robot through the integrated app. Pick a room and pick a date and time and you’d have this robot running on your schedule every day of the week. If there’s a mess in one room, you can even send the robot directly to that room to clean up the mess through the app. This is definitely the most advanced cleaning robot in the market now, and unfortunately, it's also reflected in its price.

Narwal – The first Self-cleaning Mop and Vacuum

Now all the robots we’ve talked about so far have some basic mopping functions, but none of them really strike you as a deep cleaning option. if you’re looking for a robot that can really scrub the floors, you should take a look at the Narwal. With smart sensors and LIDAR navigation technology, this cleaner holds its own against the other giants in the market.

But what sets it apart is really its mopping capabilities. Equipped with two large microfibre mop bottoms, a combination of speed and pressure is used to scrub out the dirt and stains in the floor and when it’s done it can even return to its base station for a self-cleaning and top up. This feat is even more impressive when you realize at the end of the cleaning cycle, you only need to empty the dirty water tank and don’t even have to clean out the mop pads because it's already done that for you. With the 5L tank, the Narwal is able to clean up to 2,150 square feet of real estate before even needing a top-up.

So why wouldn’t you want one?

With options for vacuuming, automatic mapping, and now even mopping and scrubbing, these automatic cleaners are getting handier and smart with each turn. So, if robots are taking going to be taking over our jobs, this is one area that we would happily give up to robots! At Renodots, we believe in providing realistic quotations that give you an accurate estimate of your renovation cost. With the right interior designer & renovation package - building your dream home is that hassle-free; all it takes is a few clicks!