Top space saving tips for BTOs

By Admin , Sep 22, 2021
Top space saving tips for BTOs

Have you ever felt you needed more space to store your things in your home? You’re not alone! Too often, we find that our home simply does not have the capacity to store all our earthly possessions. But never fear! We’re here to give you a few cool ways you can maximize your home’s storage space. Get ready for 5 of our top space-saving tips for BTOs!

Top space-saving tip #1: Walls – use ‘em or lose ‘em!

Walls … seem like such a fundamental part of our homes, that we seldom take note of how much potential they carry with them! Walls are actually one of the top space-saving opportunities, and probably the one that most often goes unused. Walls can be used to house shelves, cabinets, pictures, and art. And don’t forget to use the space high up on the walls! Full-length cabinets, floating shelves, and hanging cupboards are just some ways you can use your walls to add storage space into your home!

Alternatively, if it’s not a load-bearing wall, you might also be able to hack it down. Why is this space-saving, you ask? Well, hacking down walls does remove some wall space you could use for storage, but it adds a nice bit of floor space, which helps make the room appear less cluttered. Plus, of course, you also get a much bigger room. Open concept homes and floor plans have unique magic to them – they have a way of keeping the room open, preventing any room from feeling cramped.

So to sum up, when it comes to your walls, use ‘em or lose ‘em! You’ll win either way.

Top space-saving tip #2: Your furniture – use it, lose it, or both!

The same principle can actually apply to your furniture too! Now, we’re not suggesting you do without any essential pieces of furniture around the house, but if you can, make them serve a double purpose! Many times, our furniture can double up as extra storage space – beds often have drawers in the bed frame, and sofas can have built-in compartments as well.

But if you can’t make your furniture double up as extra storage space, that’s okay! Another thing you can do here is to make them disappear when they’re not in use! A retractable furniture is always a great option for saving space – murphy beds, pull-out sofas, and foldable tables are just some of the possibilities you can try!

Top space-saving tip #3: Increase storage space vertically

Stacking your things on top of one another might sound like a crude solution to your space problems, but it actually works! And that’s why it’s one of our top space-saving tips for BTOs! If you’re really short on space, for example, bunk beds are a great way to reduce the floor space that would otherwise be taken up by two separate beds. If you only need one bed, you can also consider turning it into a loft bed, with a desk below!

Top space-saving tip #4: Use your doors

Our doors can help us save space too! But how we should go about using our doors depends on what kind of space we need. Handy over-the-door hooks and organizers can give us some extra storage compartments on either side of the door. Smaller hooks might also work well on window grills. Alternatively, if it is floor space that is lacking, sliding doors might work better. You see, with sliding doors, there’s no need to leave an allowance on the floor for the door to push open. As long as there’s enough space to walk after going through the sliding door, you’re good.

Top space-saving tip #5: Platform storage

Platforms are a great option for those of you who have plenty of floor space, yet not enough storage space. By building a platform in your home, you can actually create a whole storage compartment beneath your feet. Platform beds are becoming increasingly common in bedrooms because of this. But remember that frequently squatting down to store and retrieve things from platform storage can be hard on your back. Because of this, platform storage options are often best used for items that are not used too often, like suitcases, seasonal decorations, and so on.

Bonus top space-saving tip: mirrors, lights, and colors

This last bonus tip might not actually help you create extra space, but it sure keeps rooms from feeling cramped! Using mirrors, lights, and colors, you can bring a little bit of ‘forced perspective’ into your home to make it look bigger! Mirror walls are one great example of this because they visually enlarge a space by making your eyes believe the room extends a little further than it really does. Good lighting can also open up a room and make it appear brighter and airier.

When colors come into play, that’s when things get a little more complicated, but here’s the trick: use light colors in general, but use darker shades where you want a space to look deeper. When you enter a long room, for example, you might try using a light color on the walls and floors near you, but use a slightly darker version on the wall at the far end of the room. This creates an illusion of shadows, and can actually make a room, cupboard, or corridor, appear a little deeper than it really is.

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