Trendy Kitchen Ideas

By Editor Maisie , Nov 16, 2017
Trendy Kitchen Ideas

Whether you are an aspiring chef or someone that only has time for quick meals, the kitchen is a beloved space. It is a delightful space for family bonding as it is where family recipes are shared and where we bump into each other as we sneakily grab our midnight snacks. Having a beautiful kitchen can transform the ambience of your abode and would make you want to spend more time honing your cooking skills. Here are a few ways to make your kitchen even more stylish…


Give your upper kitchen cabinets a new and improved look by removing the doors to create open shelves. This brightens up the previously cramped space and provides more space for you to display your crockery. This trick will also make finding your bowls and cups much easier!

upper kitchen shelves
hanging kitchen shelves
hanging shelves above kitchen sink


Pastel coloured appliances are all the rage right now as they exude a sense of nostalgia with their soft yet retro appearance. Incorporating pastel-coloured appliances in your kitchen would make the space look incredibly stylish and chic.

pastel coloured kitchen appliances
pastel green colour theme kitchen
pastel blue smeg appliances


Tiles come in various designs and look delightfully unique and charming. These textural elements can liven up your kitchen by adding a splash of colour and inject some fun into any cookie-cutter kitchen design.

tiled backsplash
patterned kitchen tiles
geometric kitchen tiles

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