Types of kitchen designs for your HDB flat

September 19th 2022

Types of kitchen designs for your HDB flat

Suppose you are in the process of renovating or redesigning your HDB flat. In that case, you’re probably wondering how you can transform your kitchen into the beautiful and functional kitchen of your dreams! After all, just like the saying that “the kitchen is the heart of any home”, your kitchen is one of the most important areas of your home. Thus, nailing the redesigning process of your kitchen is that important. But with so many kitchen designs available out there, how do you know exactly what suits your kitchen needs, preferences, and space? While it may seem overwhelming, do not worry because we got your back! Read on for our top collated list of kitchen design types for your HDB flat. 

Minimalistic Wood and White Kitchen Design

If you love to keep things simple and beautiful, why not opt for a minimalistic wood and white kitchen design? In fact, the kitchen done by Artspaze (as seen in the image above) is the perfect representation of how this type of kitchen design can elevate the looks and functionality of your kitchen to the next level!


With the usage of natural wood and a sleek white finish to the cabinets, the kitchen looks aesthetically pleasing, clean, and modern. With that said, you can also take inspiration from how Artspaze managed to turn every single possible space in the kitchen into storage space. For instance, the countertop on the right can be used as a high counter table on one end, and on the other, it is a storage space that can be used to store your kitchen necessities.


Not only do the numerous cabinetries provide you with lots of functionality and storage space for all your kitchen needs, but it also keeps the clutter out of view. At the same time, all the cabinets are handleless (no handle or door knob) to suit the minimalistic theme of the kitchen and to make the kitchen appear a little more spacious. If you want to make your kitchen even more stylish and yet still minimalistic, you can also add a minimalistic but uniquely designed light fixture just like Artspaze did. This will also brighten up your kitchen and make it appear even more spacious!



Here’s another variation of a minimalistic wood and white kitchen design beautifully done by todzterior! This kitchen design is perfect if you have an L-shaped kitchen layout and want to save space. As you can see from the image above, this kitchen is the epitome of space-saving, functionality, and beauty!

Despite the relatively smaller kitchen and laundry room size, todzterior managed to merge the spaces into one and make the entire space look extremely spacious and bright. For instance, the washer-dryer unit is fit snugly in the cabinetry, while the cabinetry above hosts the microwave oven unit. With that said, todzterior has also made use of recessed lighting to not only brighten up the kitchen but also to enhance the clean and modern aesthetic of the kitchen. In fact, todzterior goes above and beyond to achieve this beautiful and functional kitchen! To match the aesthetics of the kitchen, todzterior has even customised the sink faucet and kitchen stove to be of the same sleek black shade. Coupled with tons of sleek white storage spaces, this dream kitchen by todzterior will definitely meet all your kitchen needs and wants!

Modern Wood and White Kitchen Design With a Twist   


For those who want a modern wood and white kitchen design, but at the same time, desire for your kitchen to stand out, why not take this beautiful and unique kitchen by Blank Interior as an inspiration? Despite mostly using natural wood and sleek white design, Blank Interior managed to up their design game with their keen eye for details!


For instance, take a look at the unique recessed lighting. Not only is it placed in the glass-door cabinetry, but it is also placed at the countertop and below the cabinets! In fact, the LED recessed lighting below the cabinets even gives a seeming illusion that the cabinets are floating, which further enhances the unique and modern appeal of this kitchen. Meanwhile, the recessed lighting in the glass-door cabinetry allows you to showcase your displayed items even beautifully and brightly. Not to mention, Blank Interior has even customised and matched the cabinet handles, built-in oven details, and faucet to be of the same classy copper shade. Thus, ensuring that despite the unique factors of this kitchen, the kitchen still looks cohesively beautiful with a common aesthetic theme. At the same time, functionality is definitely not forgotten in this beautiful kitchen with the numerous storage spaces available.



If you want to add just a subtle oomph to your kitchen design, perhaps this beautiful kitchen designed by Interior diary can be your kitchen design inspiration! Instead of the usual white cabinetries and wooden wallpapers, why not switch things up just like what Interior diary did?

This definitely adds a unique factor to your kitchen in a subtle manner, while still allowing you to maintain that modern, clean, and minimalistic aesthetic. In fact, Interior diary also added subtle grooving to the otherwise plain white wallpaper for an added personality to this unique kitchen. Not to mention, Interior diary also switched out the typical lighting for something a little more distinctive and special – the spotlights! Coupled with tons of natural wood cabinet spaces, this kitchen by Interior diary might just be your dream kitchen with its’ functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Contemporary Wood and Black Kitchen Design 


If the previous few white-coloured kitchens are not your type of aesthetic, perhaps the combination of black and wooden elements would fit your preference more. After all, this contemporary designed kitchen by Diva Interior simply showcases how this kitchen design is simply mesmerising and beautiful.


Diva Interior's keen eye for details has even enhanced the aesthetic appeal of this beautiful and contemporary kitchen to the next level. For instance, they have changed up the countertop wall-backing with a customised black mirror to match the rest of the kitchen. Not only does this look beautiful, but with the slight reflective nature of the black mirror, it helps to make the kitchen look more spacious too!  With that said, Diva interior has even customised the entire countertop and all the cabinetries to be of the same sleek black shade. Even the spotlights and stove hood has black features as well! At the same time, functionality is another key aspect of this kitchen. With different sized cabinetries, you can rest assured that any of your kitchen appliances and items will have a place to call home. For example, larger-sized appliances like a bread cooker or huge pots can be placed on the larger-sized cabinet on the left.



Even if your kitchen is slightly smaller-sized, do not worry because you can still make your kitchen beautifully modern with the use of sleek black and wooden elements! Just take a look at this contemporary designed kitchen designed by Chapter 3 above. Even if it is a single-wall kitchen, Chapter 3 made full use of the space and ensure you can enjoy maximum functionality and aesthetic appeal.


The unique natural wood countertop-backing and recessed lighting add personality and appeal. At the same time, you can take inspiration from this kitchen's great space-saving techniques. Take, for example, the lack of door handles on the cabinets is one way you can make your kitchen look a little more spacious. Another way you can save space is to make use of a built-in hood just like the kitchen above. Of course, the single-wall kitchen layout is another great way to open up the space in your kitchen, thus allowing it to be less constrained and much roomier.

Snazzy Wood, White, and Black Kitchen Design


If you can’t decide between a white, black, or wooden colour scheme for your kitchen, why not choose them all? The combination of natural wood, white, and black elements is one sure-fire way to up the design game of your kitchen to the next level. Just take a look at how beautiful and snazzy the kitchen designed by quad rdesign is!


To enhance the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen, quad rdesign has even customised the power sockets, recessed lighting, and dish holder to be a classy and modern golden colour. Similarly, you can take inspiration from the kitchen above and add some golden elements to your kitchen if you want your kitchen to look sophisticated and modern. With that said, just like what quad rdesign has done, it is best to keep to 3 main colours in order for the kitchen to look cohesive as a whole. Should more colours or items with excessive details be used, your kitchen may look too complicated and mismatched. With that said, this kitchen also has lots of cabinet spaces for all your kitchen needs and wants.

Natural Wood Finish Kitchen 


For those who love being one with nature or simply love wooden elements, this type of kitchen design is probably up your alley! Take a look at this natural beauty designed by she interior above. This beautiful kitchen is made of a darker and lighter shade of wood and features subtle recessed lighting to bring out the beauty of the kitchen. But what stands out most about this kitchen is probably the open-faced light-wood cabinetry on the left. Not only can it serve functionality as cabinetry, but it can also be used as a display area and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen.


Not to mention, the usage of glass jars with wooden covers makes the kitchen look even more charming and gorgeous! The countertop also has a slight marbling design to add a little personality to this beautiful kitchen, all without overpowering the overall natural appeal of this kitchen. Functionality is definitely another key aspect of this charming kitchen. Because a parallel kitchen layout is used, the right materials and features must be used to prevent the kitchen from appearing too constrained. And that’s exactly what she interior did! The use of a glass door allows light to stream in more easily, making the kitchen appear brighter and more spacious.


The use of recessed lighting and reflective countertop backings also creates an illusion of a larger-sized kitchen. Similarly, you can also make use of these techniques to make your kitchen appear more spacious and charming.

Sparkling Clean Kitchen With a Pop of Colour


For those who want your kitchen to look sparkling clean, and at the same time, to have a unique factor, why not add a pop of colour to your kitchen splashback? And this beautifully designed kitchen by Image 39 is the perfect example of how you can do so! With the use of sleek white cabinets and countertops all around, this kitchen looks bright and clean. At the same time, the pink backsplash adds a pop of colour and personality to this uniquely designed kitchen!


The kitchen design is perfect if you want your kitchen to appear more spacious. And why is this so? This is because white tends to reflect light better which will make your kitchen appear less constrained and airier. At the same time, the reflective pink backsplash and white recessed lighting chosen by Image 39 also enhance the illusion of a larger-sized kitchen.


Image 39 has even customised the construction of the dryer unit to be placed above the washer. Apart from saving lots of space, the white-coloured dryer also matches the rest of the spotlessly clean kitchen theme and even serves as a unique factor (because it seems like the dryer unit is “floating”). With that said, this kitchen has tons of functionality with endless storage spaces and power plugs for all your kitchen appliances, needs, and wants.


If your kitchen is of a smaller size or a pink backsplash is not your preference, perhaps this charming kitchen designed by interior empire can be your kitchen renovation inspiration! Instead of a pink backsplash, interior empire made use of a more gender-neutral light sage green colour. Similarly, you can use a backsplash made of reflective material to create an illusion of a more spacious kitchen. This L-shaped layout kitchen is also the perfect choice to open up the space of your kitchen while allowing you to have sufficient kitchen space for all your kitchen needs and functionality.


But one distinct feature about this kitchen designed by interior empire has to be the wall-less “L” component of this layout! Removing the wall allows you to see the window at the back and allows more light to flow through the space. Thus enhancing the spotlessly clean look of this beautiful and charming kitchen! Likewise, you can also take note of the unique features of your kitchen (in this case, the windows), and try to create a design that plays to the distinctive strengths of your kitchen.

Artistic and Distinctive Kitchen Design

If you want your kitchen to look artistic or distinctive, perhaps this uniquely designed kitchen by Ovon will inspire your kitchen renovation journey! As you can see from the image above, this charming kitchen is made of a distinctively-patterned flooring and a mix of pale purple and clean white cabinets. Despite the many quirky design or items used, this kitchen still looks cohesive and on theme because of Ovon’s keen eye for details! For instance, the semicircle floor mat, pale purple cabinet, and symmetrical mosaic flooring are from the same purple-blue colour family, thus they all complement each other. Not to mention, the mosaic flooring takes the spotlight with its distinctive design, and yet, its symmetricalness ensures the kitchen does not look too overwhelming or overtly designed. Apart from the unique and artistic appeal of this kitchen, this kitchen also has great functionality and space-saving features. For instance, the cart tray not only saves space (compared to traditional cabinets) but also gives you additional storage space and serves as another unique factor to this kitchen. With that said, the wall is also hacked down (on the right side of the kitchen) to allow more light and ventilation to pass through, creating a brighter and more spacious space.

Colourful Island Table Kitchen Design


If you are blessed with a spacious kitchen, why not build a colourful island table kitchen design just like the one done by Exqsite Interior? Not only will your kitchen look bright and inviting, but it will also offer you lots of functionality! After all, with an island table, you can use it as a dining space, an additional countertop to place all your kitchen appliances, or perhaps to serve as a wow factor to your kitchen – the choices for an island table are endless! By customising the island table to have colourful sides, and a modern marbled top, it adds a pop of personality while allowing the kitchen to still look modern (and not tacky) as a whole. This type of kitchen design is also perfect if you’re someone who loves to spend lots of time in the kitchen or have lots of kitchen appliances and items to store. This is because such a kitchen design features lots of countertop space and endless storage spaces. Not to mention, this rather open-concept layout also complements the island table, as it helps to enhance the overall spaciousness and brightness of this charming kitchen!

Contemporary Island Table Kitchen Design  


If an island table appeals to you but you prefer your kitchen to take on a more contemporary look, this kitchen designed by spacemakers would be right up your alley. As you can see from the image above, the kitchen looks incredibly modern, classy, and charming! This is because of the distinctive island table feature. Not only is it made of a unique marbling design, but it is also highlighted by the unique golden hanging lights above the island table. With that said, it is also relatively smaller-sized to ensure that there is a sufficient gap between the island table and cabinets. This serves two unique purposes – the first is to save space, and the second is to establish the island table as the centre of attention. Meanwhile, the cabinets are all in a sleek black finish to complement the contemporary aesthetic appeal of this charming kitchen. The use of recessed lighting in the backsplash and below the cabinets, as well as the use of black spotlights, also helps to shine a light on just how beautiful this kitchen is!


Colourful and Modern Cabinets Kitchen Design


If the kitchen above appeals to you, you should renovate your kitchen to have a colourful and modern cabinet kitchen design! This gorgeous kitchen designed by seds interior features beautiful dark blue cabinetry, marbling works, and a hint of gold elements. For instance, the flooring and kitchen backsplash has a slight marbling effect, while the faucet is customised to be made of gold finish.


All these details complement each other to create a modern and unique aesthetic appeal. With that said, there is something else that stands out about this kitchen designed by seds interior. And that is the diagonal flooring! Due to this house’s unique layout, seds interior has especially designed the kitchen this way to maximise the kitchen space while ensuring it does not look too constrained. At the same time, it adds yet another wow factor to this beautiful and modern kitchen. Nonetheless, this kitchen is full of functionality as well. Apart from the endless amount of storage spaces, the sink is also customised to be larger and deeper to allow easier washing of dishes. In addition, the added wall-mounted track socket not only adds to the modern appeal of the kitchen but also allows you to plug in your kitchen appliances and shift them anywhere on the power track.

Retro Green Cabinets Kitchen Design


Last but not least, we have the retro green cabinet kitchen design! This charming and quaint kitchen done up by Elpis Interior features dark-green cabinets with gold handlings, as well as unique mosaic flooring. With that said, this mosaic flooring is especially chosen because of its simple, symmetrical, and unique design.


This ensures that while it has a distinctive design, it does not look overwhelming nor does it take the charm away from the dark green cabinets. Moreover, to add to the retro and aesthetic appeal of the kitchen, Elpis Interior has also customised and changed the kitchen backsplash to a white brick design. In fact, you can even take inspiration from Elpis Interior, and similarly, add recessed lighting to make your cabinet areas stand out! Not forgetting about functionality and kitchen needs, a dining table is also added to this kitchen. While you might think that any dining table will do the trick, that’s not quite the case.


Should you choose a dining table that is too bright, it might draw attention away from your already beautiful kitchen, or worse, clash with the retro theme of your kitchen. Instead, you should find a simple-looking kitchen with a similar neutral colour scheme to your kitchen (in this case, black and white). In addition, this dining table is also chosen by Elpis Interior because of the rounded table corners – which add personality to the kitchen in a subtle manner.   

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