Unique Victorian-Style 5-room BTO flat in Tampines

By Admin , Sep 18, 2021
Unique Victorian-Style 5-room BTO flat in Tampines

This 5-room BTO flat is an absolute show-stopper with marbled walls, floor-to-ceiling windows, and majestic overhead lighting. Give your simple HDB flat an upgrade to this grandiose and luxurious house, which is sure to impress with its unique interior style. With some renovation, you can too, live in both comfort and style. Let’s have a quick walk through this tantalizing BTO flat.

Living room

The living room features white ceramic floors that complement the interior decoration well and makes the entire room look large and impressive. The centerpiece features a large colorful rug that is sure to make a statement every time someone walks into this room. The ceiling smartly incorporates crown molding that draws your eyes upwards and gives the illusion of a high ceiling.


The kitchen is perfectly suited for your gastronomic adventures by providing sufficient space and an island for you to store all your ingredients and equipment. The marbled walls give your kitchen a touch of elegance whenever you want to cook.

Dining room

The dining room is situated right next to the kitchen and nicely complements the kitchen with a matching marbled table. Entice your guests with both the aroma wafting from the kitchen as they await your homecooked meal, as well as the refined décor in the dining room itself. The cleanliness of the marble sets the mood for any dinner party.


The bedroom is one of the most sacred places in any home; it is where you feel the most comfortable and can unwind after a long day of working hard. The interior style of the bedroom in this 5-room BTO flat is truly inviting and simply makes you want to jump in. The large headboard and tasteful frame make it seem more like a resting place for royalty.


The bathroom in every home is usually of utmost concern and priority to any homeowner. It is the most crucial part of the home that must be kept clean and neat. Well, that is exactly what you get with this style of home renovation. The white cabinets, tiles, and door give the bathroom a refined feel. The dual mirrors are both stylish and functional as they glam up the bathroom while also making it look bigger.


Such a large closet is any shopaholic’s dream as it allows ample space for you to store all your beautiful clothes and makeup. The minimalist design of the closet gives you the more creative freedom to include your own personal touch by bringing in décor that reflects your personality. The numerous cabinets allow you to organize your items better so it is more convenient to find any clothing piece.

Gaming room

All of us have our own guilty pleasures and gaming is something some of you can relate to. This home also includes a revamped gaming room that maximizes the space by including a sofa to take quick naps between games and an elaborate set-up so you can perform your best. The dark blinds also effectively block out light to reduce glare on your computer screen. Meanwhile, the rugged floor gives a nice texture to walk on and is suitable for chairs with wheels.

Your home is your safe space and it is up to you to renovate it however you like. Feel free to take inspiration from the Victorian-style 5-room BTO flat with a modern twist.

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