Which coffee machine you should get for your new BTO flat: a coffee addict’s ultimate guide

By Admin , Sep 20, 2021
Which coffee machine you should get for your new BTO flat: a coffee addict’s ultimate guide

So, you’ve locked in the deal for your new BTO flat and the renovation works are pretty much settled. Now, you’re zooming in to the little details of the color of plates you should get, what brand of the fridge is the most economically and environmentally friendly, and for the coffee addicts out there – which coffee machine is the most suitable for you and your home. Like all electronic appliances, it might be overwhelming being faced with so many brands and models to choose from. Fret not, for this guide will introduce you to the best coffee machine for your home.

Nespresso Essenza Mini

When Nespresso came up with a mini-series of coffee machines, they really kept to their word. This compact coffee machine is not only cute but also very functional. It stores up to 6 used capsules and shuts down if left unused for more than 9 minutes. Taking only 25 seconds to heat up, you’re guaranteed a quick cup of coffee every morning. Choose your pick from 14 different coffee capsules and decide on your favorite! This coffee machine will perk up your mornings without making your kitchen look overly cluttered.

Philips HD7762 Daily Collection coffee maker

The Philips HD7762 is the image of the quintessential coffee maker. This coffee maker serves all your basic caffeine needs and even has a few additional features to simplify and customize the coffee-making process to your caffeine needs. If you wish for simplicity and convenience in your daily cup of coffee, the HD7762 will be perfect for you. From spill-free cups to dishwasher-friendly components, you’re sure to enjoy brewing every cup of coffee from this machine.

Genio S Plus automated coffee machine

The Genio S Coffee Machine was the result of a collaboration between Nescafe and Starbucks. The cut-the-frills design allows for a smooth process and an equally smooth cup of coffee. You’re entitled to 3 boxes of Starbucks coffee capsules with every purchase, so you no longer have to queue at your nearest Starbucks waiting for your morning pick-me-up. The coffee machine is also very compact and can fit snugly into the corner of your countertop.

The Braun KF7120 Drip Filter coffee maker

The Braun KF7120 is an affordable choice with an innovative interface and programming. While it may look like any ordinary coffee maker, this coffee maker has a programmable timer that allows you to get fresh coffee any time you wish, especially for those late nights you spend finishing up a project. You can choose the strength and amount of coffee while ensuring the same quality regardless of the amount. The interface is also user-friendly for those who like a simple system.

HiBREW ST-504 Expresso coffee machine

HiBREW ST-504 is known for its various functions and can accommodate a diverse range of capsules, including Nespresso, Gusto, and Ground coffee. With professional extraction, you’re sure to get a good quality cup of coffee whenever you need it. If you like variety, this coffee maker is definitely for you.

Macoco Minipresso GR

The Wacoco Minipresso GR does not look like your conventional coffee maker but it is very useful for those who are always on the go. Its sleek and highly portable design allows you to enjoy a cup of coffee wherever you are, even if you’re out running late for class or work. All you need is ground coffee and hot water in order to enjoy a steaming cuppa.

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